The Trojan War

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Timeline 1st Jan, 1000 Wedding of King Pelius and Thetis Eris, the Goddess of Discord, was the only god uninvited. She threw a golden apple into the wedding that said "For the Fairest". Aphrodite, Athena, and Hera all wanted the apple, but Zeus would not choose between them.
Timeline 2nd Jan, 1000 Judgment of Paris Paris, Prince of Troy, must choose which god is the fairest. He chooses Aphrodite because she promises him the most beautiful woman in the world.
Timeline 3rd Jan, 1000 Paris goes to visit King Menelaus of Sparta His wife, Helen, was the most beautiful women in the world.
Timeline 4th Jan, 1000 Paris steals Helen King Menelaus goes to Crete. While he is gone, Paris steals Helen and brings her back to Troy.
Timeline 5th Jan, 1000 Menelaus finds that Helen is gone He calls for the Greek army to go to Troy and bring her back.
Odysseus 6th Jan, 1000 Odysseus and Achilles Avoid the Army Odysseus pretends to be insane, but is caught. Achilles dresses up as a woman, but is also caught, and must join the army.
Troy 7th Jan, 1000 Trojan War Begins
Timeline 8th Jan, 1000 Fight over Chryseis Chyseis is taken from her father and brought to the Greek Agamemnon.
Apollo 9th Jan, 1000 Chryseis's Father Prays to Apollo Apollo attacks the Greeks for Chyseis's father. Achilles tells Agamemnon to give back Chryseis.
Timeline 10th Jan, 1000 Agamemnon steals Achilles maiden as revenge
Timeline 10th Jan, 1000 Achilles leaves the Greeks After Agamemnon stole his woman.
Timeline 11th Jan, 1000 Gods begin to take sides Zeus favors the Trojans. He sends a lying dream to Agamemnon that said that he would win if he attacked.
Timeline 12th Jan, 1000 Menelaus battles Paris for revenge Paris is defeated, but Aphrodite saves him.
Ares 13th Jan, 1000 Ares fights with the Trojans The Greek Diomedes is helped by Hera and defeats him.
Timeline 14th Jan, 1000 The Trojan Hector begins to Destroy the Greeks
Timeline 15th Jan, 1000 Achilles fights again to Avenge Patroclus Achilles kills Hector.
Timeline 15th Jan, 1000 Achilles drives the Trojans back into Troy He dies in the battle.
Timeline 15th Jan, 1000 Patroclus, Achilles' friend, is killed by Hector
Trojan%20horse 16th Jan, 1000 The Trojan Horse Odysseus creates a plan to build a giant wooden horse. He and some other Greeks hide inside of it.
Timeline 17th Jan, 1000 The Trojans bring the horse into the city
Timeline 18th Jan, 1000 The Greeks come out of the horse at night They open the gates of Troy and let the rest of the Greek army inside.
Timeline 19th Jan, 1000 The Greek Army Destroys Troy