The Texas Revolution

Timeline created by Meagan Colorado
  • The Batttle Of Gonzales

    The Batttle Of Gonzales
    On October 2 , 1835.The Battle of gonzales took place near Gonzales , Texas. The battle was between Texian settlers and Mexican Troops. The reason why this battle started was because the Texian settlers were against the mexican goverment with their decisions.
  • The Convention of 1836

    The Convention of 1836
    On March 2 ,1836 was the meeting of elected delagates in Wasington-On-The-Brazos. This convention was weather to declare indepence to mexico or to pledge to unhold the repudiated The Mexican Constitution of 1824
  • Battle of The Alamo

    Battle of The Alamo
    On March 6, 1836 The Battle of the Alamo was such a pivotal event. The Battle lasted 13 days ,The mexican troop army was lead by President General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, he launched an assualt at The Alamo Mission near San Antonio de Bexar.
  • The Runaway Scrape

    On March 11, 1836 The Runaway Scrape was about settlers (Texans, Texians , and Tejanos) had fled their home in texas. General Antonio Lopez De Santa Anna of the Mexican Army was gathering on the Rio Grande in preparation to retake Texas. Many Settlers ran away because of Santa Anna and many took some of their wagons and took as many stuff as they could take. This was called the Runaway Scrape.
  • The Goliad Massacre

    The Goliad Massacre
    On March 26, 1836 The Goliad Massacre was an execution of Republic Of Texas and their commander, James Fannin, by mexico, and was carried out by Jose de Urrea.
  • Fannins Surrender At Coleto Creek

    Fannins Surrender At Coleto Creek
    James Fannin surrendered at Coleto Creek because he was outnumbered. So he surrendered with his 344 men and was executed by General Loez de Santa Annas orders.
  • Vinces Bayou Bridge Is Destroyed

    Vinces Bayou Bridge Is Destroyed
    On April 20, 1836 Vinces Bayou Bridge Is Destroyed.Vinces Bridge was a wooden bridge and was made by Allen Vince.Texas destroyed the bridge and it played a role during april 1836.
  • Santa Anna Burns Harrisburg

    Santa Anna Burns Harrisburg
    On April 21, 1836 Santa Anna Burnes down Harrisburg.It was all of his forces who also burned down harrisburg.Almost the whole bridge was burned all the way down.
  • Battle Of San Jancinto

    Battle Of San Jancinto
    On April 21 , 1836 The Battle Of San Jancinto was lead by Genaral Sam Houston, They defeated General Antonio Lopez De Santa Annas Forces.That following day santa anna was captured and was held as a prisonor.
  • Santa Anna Signs The Treaties Of Velasco

    Santa Anna Signs The Treaties Of Velasco
    On May 14, 1836 General Antonio Lopez De Santa Anna was captured from the victory side General Sam Houston. Three Weeks Later Santa Anna signed a treatie of the mexicans leaving the region.