The Situation in Syria

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Timeline Turkey protests as Syrians open fire at border Violence from Syria has spilt over into Turkey as forces shot at refugees across the border. This comes ahead of a UN-brokered ceasefire. The US has already said it is sceptical of this truce, and Turkey, in light of the recent violence, is growing ever more sceptical too.
59569955 014472405 1 US doubts over Syria's commitment to peace plan In the light of the increasing violence in Syria, the US has said it is growing sceptical of its commitment to the UN-brokered truce. Monday has been one of the bloodier days of the conflict, and the violence is spilling over into Turkey, where refugees were shot, and Lebanon, where a cameraman was shot.
Timeline Syria nears ceasefire deadline under Annan plan The ceasefire deadline is approaching fast, but many Western countries have expressed their scepticism. The Syrian army have said they will comply but reserve the right to respond to attacks. The rebels, under which the Free Syrian Army (FSA), have said they will not comply if the government continues attacks.
Timeline Syria ceasefire: UN expected to vote on monitor team The UN Security Council is set to vote on a resolution authorising thirty monitors to go to Syria to observe the ceasefire, the next step in Anan's six-point plan. However, it is uncertain whether Russia will back the text.
Timeline First UN Monitors Arrive in Syria The first UN monitors arrive in Syria following a Security Council resolution written by the US and backed by Russia. They are there to oversee the ceasefire, which is heavily jeopardised in some parts of Syria which are experiencing a resurge in violence in recent days.
59709044 014532848 1 Hassan Nasrallah, Hezbollah chief, offers Syria mediation Hezbollah has offered to mediate in the Syrian conflict, their leader says in a rare interview with Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks. Hezbollah, however, is mistrusted in the West. It further alleges that Al-Qaeda has sent fighters to Syria.
59702474 59697721 Syria troops bombard Homs and other rebel areas Syrian security forces are carrying out attacks on Homs and other rebel-held areas, according to activists, even though the two sides are supposedly in a ceasefire. UN monitors are currently in Syria and admit their task is difficult, saying it needs careful planning and coordination.
59783674 014556732 2 UN votes to boost Syria mission The UN Security Council has voted to increase the number of observers to 300. It comes amid a lull in the fighting in Homs, as the UN observers go to the city.
59791811 59791508 UN Vote to Extend Syria Mission The UN Security Council voted to expand the mission in Syria to 300 observers. This is significant because before all talks on Syria ended in a dead end. The resolution left the exact terms of the mandate up to Ban KiMoon. It comes amid a visit of the observers to Homs.
59815838 59812712 Syrian security forces 'kill dozens Hama' At least 33 people have been killed in Hama, according to activists. It casts further doubt on the ceasefire. Meanwhile, the EU has imposed a new round of sanctions on Syria, prohibiting the use of double use goods.
Timeline Syria crisis: France raises use of force France foreign minister Alain Juppe has told the UN Security Council it needs to consider using force if the peace plan fails. He says the Security Council "cannot allow the (Damascus ) regime to defy us." Meanwhile, people are still being killed in Syria.
59821055 014581437 1 Rising Syria deaths question UN monitoring mission A sharp rise in deaths in Syria have led to questioning about the success of the UN peace plan. The US has said the mission is risky and dangerous. Among the rise in death toll were seventy people killed in Hama.
59927328 014618679 1 Lebanon holds ship 'carrying weapons for Syria rebels' A ship from Sri Lanka has been detained in Lebanon. Officials have found large amounts of arms and ammunition. According to Jim Muir from the BBC in Beirut it is believed the weapons were destined for Syrian rebels. Some of the weapons are believed to be Libyan. The captain says he was unaware of the weapons.
59984370 taftanazreuters Syrian army guilty of 'war crimes' - Human Rights Watch Human Rights Watch has called the summary executions and looting of homes by the Syrian army "war crimes." This occurred shortly before the ceasefire. The fighting around Idlib might be considered full-out armed conflict, according to the NGO.
60008533 60008374 Syrian students 'killed at Aleppo protest' Students have been killed in the Syrian city of Aleppo during a raid by militiamen on the student accommodations. As far as 200 have also been arrested. This occurred after demonstations by the students.
Timeline Syria blast near UN convoy going to Deraa An explosion hit the military convoy escorting UN observers to Deraa. None of the UN observers were hurt despite being in the convoy, says Maj. Gen. Robert Mood, head of the envoy. Three Syrian soldiers were injured and the windows of the truck were shattered. Ban Ki Moon has condemned the attacks, saying they threaten the future of the UN mission.
60139141 damascus blast 464 2 Syria unrest: Damascus 'suicide blasts' kill dozens Two suicide car bombers have killed at least 55 people in Damascus and wounded 375. Syrian officials announced this on the state news, showing footage of the smouldering cars. The government and opposition blame each other. The blasts have further been condemned by the Security Council and by Kofi Annan.
60361416 014657464 2 Syria: Hama shelling 'kills 34' Thirty-four people have been killed in shelling by the Syrian army in Hama, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.
Timeline Two die in first Beirut clashes over Syria conflict Two people have been killed and eighteen injured in clashes between pro and anti- Assad groups in Beirut, Lebanon. It follows the shooting of two anti-Syrian clerks in Lebanon and similar clashes in Libya. It shows how divided Lebanon is on the conflict in its neighbouring country.
60523603 014647642 1 Syria massacre: UK 'no right' to ban athletes The UK has threatened to ban Syrian athletes from participating in the Olympics this summer. The comment came from deputy PM Nick Clegg, who said all those athletes with ties to the regime will be denied access. This has caused an outcry among Syrian officials, who say.this is not allowed under the Olympic Charter. Meanwhile, it has been found that 32 of those killed in the massacre were under 10.
Timeline Syria massacre: UK 'no right' to ban athletes Deputy PM Nick Clegg has said that all athletes from Syria with ties to the regime will be denied access to the London Olympics. It has been stated this is because the UK has the right to refuse access to those who have "committed serious human rights abuses." This has caused an outcry among Syrian officials, who say this is illegal under the Olympic Charter.
60521561 014862485 1 Syria condemned for Houla massacre and shelling by UN The UN has condemned the use of heavy weapons during the massacre in Houla, Syria, of 108 people. A further 300 were injured. This includes the deaths of 64 children. THe Syrian army denies allegations, saying its tanks were not stationed in the city at this time. The statement was passed unanimously by the Security Council after briefing by Maj. Gen. Robert Mood, stationed in Syria.
60531879 26 05 syria houla Russia 'categorically against' Syria intervention A new international initiative on Syria has become a very dim hope after a Russian minister has announced that Russia will block any Security Council action. Meanwhile, many countries, including Turkey and the Netherlands, have started expelling their Syrian ambassadors and other diplomats.
60631874 014905572 1 Syria blames rebels for Houla massacre In an official enquiry, Syria blames the massacre in Houla on rebels, saying they are trying to provoke international intervention. It has been called a blatant lie by the US and also does not agree with what activists and eyewitnesses have said. They reported that government-related militia called Shabiha were responsible.
60692141 014929945 1 Free Syrian Army rebels abandon Annan ceasefire The Free Syrian Army has called off the ceasefire, further endangering the six point plan proposed by Annan. A spokesman has told this to the Reuters news agency, saying they had started attacking soldiers "to protect our people." The viability of the Six Point Plan is now seriously questionable.