The Most Dangerous Game

Timeline created by bradshaw3
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Falling man The shipwreck Mr. Rainsford is on his way to hunt jaguars but he falls off of his boat and comes to find a man named General Zaroff whom invites inside his house and lets hm spend the night.
Huntingofman The Hunt General Zaroff explains to Mr. Rainsford that he is tired of hunting animals becaue they are to easy so he has decided to hunt humans instead. Mr. Rainsford does not agree with this idea so General Zaroff says he will hunt him then, and has his deaf assistant Ivan bring him his cloths and gives him a three hour start.
Imagescas013l0 The Third Day Mr. Rainsford decides to build a trap to try and stop General Zaroff, but when the General springs the trap releasing a log on top of General Zaroff it hits him in the shoulder only injuring him. General Zaroff then returns home to nurse his wounded shoulder only delaying him.
Imagesca7jag3t The second trap Mr. Rainsford made another trap, built for General Zaroff but instead of killng him it killed his dog so the General returned home to wait another day.
Imagescaf96dw9 The last day on the third and last day General Zaroff came back but this time with Ivan who was leading a whole pack of his hunting dogs. But once again Mr. Rainsford had made another trap this time killing Ivan. Well General Zaroff returned home to find Mr. Rainsford in his bedroom. Mr. Rainsford killed the General and slept in his bed that night waiting till the next day to return home.
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Mr. Rainsford's days on Zaroff's island