The Life Of Sarah Bradlee Fulton

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Timeline She is Born Sarah Bradlee Fulton was born in Dorchester Suffolk County Massachusetts, USA.
Timeline Marries John Fulton .after getting married, they moved to medford, massachusetts.
Timeline Has a daughter, Ann. Ann was her first of three children. The exact date of her birth is unknown.
Timeline has a second daughter, Mary This is her second of three daughters. The exact date of her birth is unknown. She has no middle name.
Timeline Took Part in the Boston Tea Party She helped her husband and several others get ready by dressing up as mohawk indians to dump tea into the Boston Harbor.
Timeline Tea Act protests Sarah, along with the rest of Medford, decided not to buy any East India Tea Company Tea.
Timeline The midnight ride Paul Revere rode by her house and spread the news about the British coming to their lands.
Timeline The Battles of Lexington and Concord These battles were the first battles of the Revolutionary war.
Timeline The Continental Army is Formed The Second Continental Congress decides to create an army to fight against the British.
Timeline After the Battle of Bunker Hill... Sarah is on hand with bandages for wounded soldiers after the Battle of Bunker HIll.
Timeline She Spies Sarah agrees with George Washington to carry messages over enemy lines.
Timeline Independence The 13 Colonies declare Independence from Britain.
Timeline has her last daughter, Elizabeth Elizabeth was her youngest daugher. The exact date of her birth is unknown.
Timeline She Dies Sarah Bradlee Fulton died on November 9th 1835.
Timeline She is Buried Sarah Bradlee Fulton was buried in the Salem Streed Cemetery in Medford.