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The Life of Pocahontas

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Work.6077478.1.flat,550x550,075,f.native american baby in papoose 1899 small square Pocahontas is born The exact date of Pocahontas' birth is unknown, but most historians agree that she was born either in 1595 or 1596
Jamestown overview 01 small square Jamestown is founded Englishmen arrived at Jamestown.
Unknown small square Pocahontas meets John Smith Pocahontas visits Jamestown several times; meets Captain John Smith, whom she tutors in the Powhatan's language. Pocahontas and John Smith become friends.
Images 1 small square Pocahontas "saves" Smith Smith is captured by Powhatan warriors and taken to the village of Werowocomoco to meet Powhatan; Pocahontas "saves" Smith during what was probably a mock execution, staged as part of a ceremony intended to adopt the Englishman into the Powhatan tribes.
Timeline small square Pocahontas sends food to Jamestown Pocahontas sends Indian messengers to Jamestown with food for the struggling colonists.
Images 2 small square Big trouble for Smith Powhatan orders Smith's death; Pocahontas warns Smith of her father's decree, allowing him to escape from the assassins.
Images 3 small square Smith leaves Jamestown Injured in a gunpowder accident, Smith leaves Virginia and returns to England for good.
Unknown small square Powhatan goes crazy Powhatan orders the massacre of 60 settlers visiting Werowocomoco; Pocahontas goes to live with the Patawomeke tribe.
Images 1 small square Pocahontas is kidnapped Pocahontas is kidnapped by Captain Samuel Argall, who takes her to Jamestown as an English prisoner and holds her for ransom.
Images 2 small square Pocahontas baptized Pocahontas is baptized by Protestant minister Alexander Whitaker sometime this year or early 1614, taking the Christian name Rebecca
Unknown 1 small square Pocahontas marries Pocahontas marries colonist John Rolfe
Images 3 small square Pocahontas sails to England Pocahontas visits England, arriving in June, is royally received, and has a reunion with Smith
Images 4 small square Pocahontas dies On the return trip, Pocahontas dies (possibly from a respiratory ailmentat) in Gravesend, England, and is buried March 21 – son Thomas stays in England until early adulthood