The life of Francisco Vasquez De Cornado

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Imagescakmcyc4 1st Jan, 1510 an explorer is born
Timeline 1st Jan, 1535 new spain 1535 Coronado goes to New Spain (Mexico) with Antonio de Mendoza (the Spanish Viceroy)
Timeline 1st Jan, 1537 Got married 1537--Married the rich daughter of a colonial treasurer
Timeline 1st Jan, 1538 govner 1538--Made governer of Nueva Galicia
Timeline 1st Jan, 1539 South west 1539: The Viceroy tasks Coronada with searching the South West for Cibola and the Seven Cities of Gold
Timeline 14th Feb, 1539 seven cities 1539: Viceroy Antonio de Mendoza is told of the Seven Cities of gold. The myth is given credence by a Franciscan friar named Marcos de Niza (1495–1558) who tells of a gleaming city called Cibola that local Indians described as only the smallest of the seven which holds more gold than the Incas
Timeline 1st Jan, 1540 expidion 1540 Coronado begins his exploration of south-western North America in search of the Seven Cities of Gold; July - Battle against the Peublo Indians at Zuni, Coronado is wounded but establishes a base; Coronado finally reaches Cibola but it is not the city of gold described by Fray Marcos
Timeline 7th Jul, 1540 battle 1540 July 7 Battle against the Peublo Indians at Zuni - Coronado is wounded but establishes a base
Timeline 1st Jan, 1541 Quivira 1541 Coronado sets out for Quivira (a rich kingdom described by an Indian guide); he reaches Quivira (in what is now Kansas) only to find a poor Wichita village
Timeline 1st Jan, 1542 1542 1542: The Viceroy brands the expedition of Francisco Vasquez de Coronado an abject failure but Coronado retains his post of Governor
Timeline 1st Jan, 1542 grand canyon 1542 Coronado discovers the Grand Canyon during his voyage home
Timeline 14th Apr, 1542 return from expidion 1542 April: Francisco Vazquez de Coronado starts the journey home. He had failed to find El Dorado, the Seven Cities of Gold but had made a tremendous voyage of discovery across America. During the expedition his men discovered the Grand Canyon
Timeline 1st Jan, 1544 guilty 1544 Coronado is found guilty of atrocities against Indians and removed from office
Timeline 1st Jan, 1551 rio grande 1541-1542--Coronado and his men spend the winter on the Rio Grande
Imagescardly6m 22nd Sep, 1554 death