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The life of Eleanor Roosevelt

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Eleanor%20roosevelts%20parents small square Anna and Elliot Roosevelt get married Anna and Elliot Roosevelt got married but little did they know that their daughter would be a big part of history
Imagescaqf7ts3 small square (Anna))Eleanor Roosevelt is born Eleanor Roosevelt wasn't a beautiful baby but she was a soon to be great woman. She never new as a child that everyone would admire her one day.
Imagesca9nx1zy small square Eleanor Roosevelts mother dies Eleanor must have been really sad when her beloved mother died even though anna was the one to tell Eleanor how she wasnt attractive. She died of diphtheria.
Untitled small square Eleanor Roosevelts father dies Eleanor's father died eatheir from a fall, achoholism, or both. Doctors don't know.
Imagescaqtc0po small square Eleanor goes to Allenswood School Grandma Hall sends her grand-daughter, Eleanor, to Allenswood School in England. She loved it here.", says the head mistress.
Imagescasg3wzy small square Mlle. Souvester takes Eleanor to Paris and to Itally Mlle. Souvestre, the head mistress of Allenswood, took Eleanor to Paris and Italy. When they got there eleanor was asked to explor the city by herself.
Imagescartpxs9 small square Eleanor Roosevelt gets married to Franklin D. roosevelt Eleanor got married to Franklin D. Roosevelt. She had no cle that he would soon become president. That means that she would become First Lady.
Untitled small square Franklin D. Roosevelt built Vall-Kill Franklin D. Roosevelt build Val-Kill for Eleanor Roosevelt and 2 of her friends.
Imagesca2j0j6i small square A furniture shop is added to Val-Kill Franklin adds a furniture shop tp Vall-Kill. Eleanor and her 2 friends hire many local people. They have a good time.
Imagescaukruj1 small square Eleanor started her carrere as a delagate for the United Nations General Assembly Eleanor started her jod as a delagate for the UNGA.
Untitled small square Eleanor ened her jod as a delagate Eleanor ended her jod as a United Nations delagate.
Imagescatx8c48 small square Eleanor Roosevelt died This was a tragic day for everyone that knew her. She was a loving soul.
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The life of Eleanor Roosevelt