The Life Of Bartolo (Buddy) Valastro Jr.

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Imagesca2weg3i Bartolo (Buddy) Valastro Buddy is the youngest of his family. He has four sisters, Grace, Madeline, Mary and Lisa.
Cake boss He went to work with his dad At the age of six in 1983 he started going to work with his father.
Cake boss buddy valastro 2 Family was important when he was a child. He and his family are very big on family being together . They always would say "Mia Famiglia". Which means my family.
150px bergen county technical high school   bergen academies logo He started working more and more through this year and he learned recipies He was registered at 15 years old, he went to school at Bergen County Tehnical high school in Hackensack.
Sicily His dad took just him to Sicily Throughout this year he went to Sicily
Thumbnailcal1ejol He turned 17 and he wanted to get his drivers license At this time his father was sick often, so when Buddy got his license his dad was in the hospital.
Buddys father and mother face0 Buddy's dad on the same day of Buddy's drivers test said he had cancer Buddy hoped that this was a mistake, but it wasn't. His dad had lung cancer.
1429937417 5804fd5775 His dad died at age fifty-four He had died of a stroke caused from the coumadin adjustment he had to make for the chemo.
1429937417 5804fd5775 His grandma Grace passed away Grandma Grace is on Buddy's dads side of the family
Buddy valastro 278x400 Buddy gets married to Lisa Belgiovine Buddy gets married.
Baby girl peters They had their first child which was a girl They named her Sofia.
Food%20network Food Network Challenge Buddy was asked to participate in the Food Network Challenege.
Imagesca2weg3i They had their first son His name what else of course they named him was Bartolo Valastro
Imagesca2weg3i They had their third child named Marco Buddy says he is lisa's clone with blonde hair and blue eyes
Cake%20boss Cake Boss Airs Buddy's 1st reality show airs on tv.
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The Beggining of his life till present day Today is his thirty-fifth birthday