the life of a teenager

Timeline created by kayla Acord
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Picture%202 Death of hamster My hamster died she was important to me and my family.
We loved her more than anything. she died 3 years ago.
Picture%201 First year at prairie point middle school never been to prairie before I thought i could try something new.
Picture%201 Death of bestfriend Chandler jay gouchee was a loving brother and a loving friend. He loved playing the drums. Me and him are like brother and sister.
Picture=Washington High School
Picture%203 First day i dated my boyfriend(Alec borseth) i dated alec on the 3rd of march, he treats my mom with respect and he treats me with respect my friends like him and he is a really cool guy i love him.,
Picture%204 The first day i met Skilar marie madlon and tessa snyder I first met these girls on the first day of school, we didnt talk much but we still spoke to eachother.