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Iowa Iowa Caucus
Timeline Voters Without a Party Splinter New Hampshire The New York Times
Timeline Not Officially Republicans, 'Undeclared' Voters Could Sway N.H. Race Vermont Public Radio
Timeline Independents may hold key to New Hampshire primaryRead more here: http://www.bradenton.com/2012/01/06/3771530/independents-may-hold-key-to-new.html#storylink=cpy Bradenton Herald
Timeline Santorum trails Romney in new South Carolina pollRead more: http://www.thestatecolumn.com/articles/santorum-trails-romney-in-new-south-carolina-poll/#ixzz1rNk6227g The State Column
Images New Hampshire Primary
Timeline Poll Shows Obama’s Vulnerability With Swing Voters New York Times
Timeline Poll: Obama losing luster with independent voters Reuters
Images 1 South Carolina Primary
Timeline GOP Not As Split as the Media Wants You to Think U.S. News and World Report
Images 2 Florida Primary
Images 3 Nevada Caucus
Images 4 Colorado and Minnesota Caucuses; Missouri Primary
Images Maine Caucus
Timeline Poll: Santorum catches Romney; both Republicans trail Obama The Los Angeles Times
Timeline Straight-shooting Republicans keep hitting themselves in the foot The Los Angeles Times
Timeline Independent voters are rejecting Romney CNN.com
Images 1 Arizona and Michigan Primarys
Images 2 Wyoming Caucus
Images 3 Washington Caucus
Timeline Super Tuesday: Independents Shape The Race In Vermont Primary (ABC News) ABC News
Timeline Voters to GOP candidates: We don’t like any of you (Washington Post) Washington Post
Timeline Romney seen as strong vs. Obama in Mass. exit poll (Boston.com) Boston.com
Timeline Most Independent Voters Don't Like GOP Presidential Field (NewsMax) NewsMax
Images 4 Super Tuesday (Alaska, Idaho, North Dakota Caucuses; Georgia, Massachusetts, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia Primarys)
Timeline Super Tuesday gives state voters first chance to choose (The Sun Chronicle) The Sun Chronicle
The size of the turnout today in the Massachusetts Super Tuesday presidential primary will largely be determined by independent voters, local officials say.
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