The History of Ultimate Frisbee

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Event Date: Event Title: Event Description:
556 g 1121224345 Amherst College Utimate game Students at Amherst College develop a Frisbee football game with a serving tray. Rules were very similar to the modern rules of Ultimate Frisbee.
Lens4410782 1241705439wham o frisbee Frisbee production Wham-O becomes the sole producer of the "Frisbee."
Ultimate frisbee Columbia High School students invent "Frisbee Football" A group of students from the school paper and student council at the New Jersey High School create a game using Wham-O's frisbee which they nickname "Frisbee Football."
Imagen4 Rules written down Joel Silver, founder of the sport at Columbia High School, writes down the rules of his newly developed game.
Rutgerslogo First collegiate game played First collegiate Ultimate Frisbee game takes place between Rutgers and Princeton. Rutgers won the game 29-27.
Geartitle2 First organized national tournament The National Collegiate Championships was played between eight teams at Yale University. Rutgers took the crown.
Www.wfdf World Flying Disc Federation founded WFDF, an international governing body of all flying disc sports, is founded, recognizing Ultimate Frisbee as one of its sports.
Wucc2010%20131 First World Ultimate Club Championships The games were held in Cologne, Germany. USA took the men's and women's crown.
dsc1896 Ultimate Frisbee recognized as an official sport in the World Games The sport is recognized in the 2001 World Games in Akita, Japan as an offical sport.