The History of Mountain Biking

Timeline created by connorMA
  • The Buffalo Soldiers

    The Buffalo Soldiers
    In august of 1896 a group of buffalo soldiers and a white liutenant when on a "mountain biking trip" to test the practicality of bicycles in the military.
  • Cyclocross

    In the 1940's cyclocross became a sport. Cyclocross consists of riding road bikes off road fith nobby tires and jumping over barriers. It was invented by road cyclists as a way of staying fit in the winter.
  • The Velo Cross Club Parisian

    The Velo Cross Club Parisian
    A group of 20 young french cyclists created a sport remarkably similar to modern day mountain biking.
  • John Finley Scott

    John Finley Scott
    The first mountain bike enthusiast in the United States. He built a bike that he called a "woodsie bike" using a schwinn diamond frame balloon tires and flat handlebars. John was 20 years ahead of his time.
  • The Cupertino Riders

    The Cupertino Riders
    Also known as the "Morrow Dirt Club", these men invented thumb shifters for there mountain bikes and used drum, brakes from motor cycles to ride up and down the california hills. They competed in a cyclocross race with future pros in !974, and their technology was noticed.
  • The Clunkers

    The Clunkers
    In 1976 Gary Fisher and a few other famous mnames in the cycling community put on a race in Marin county in which you would race up a 2.9 mile dirt track.
  • Clunkers Race Ends

    Clunkers Race Ends
    In 1984 the clunkers race was canceled because of local authorities having issues with the insurance.
  • Innovations

    The technology really started to get better and become what it is today. The 29er was born, the full suspension, and disc brakes were being used.
  • Brakes and Suspension

    Brakes and Suspension
    Hydraulic disc brakes became common on the nicer bikes. Suspension had been vastly improved and is produced by companies such as "Fox", "Rockshox", "Marzoochi", "Magura", and "Manitou".
  • The Youth

    The Youth
    Youth are becoming interested in all shapes of cycling especially mountain biking. Youth cycling teams are appearing everywhere. The future is comig.