The 13 Colonies

Timeline created by KKT
Event Date: Event Title: Event Description:
Virginia%20colony%20(delete%20after%20use) Virginia is founded
Massachusetts%20colony%20(delete%20aftr%20use) Massachusetts is founded
New%20hampshire%20colony%20(delete%20after%20use) New Hampshire is founded
Puritans%20(delete%20after%20use) The First Puritans Arrive
John%20winthrop%20(delete%20after%20use) John Winthrop Arrives
Maryland%20(delete%20after%20use) Maryland is founded
Disagreement%20w%20church%20and%20goverment%20in%20ma%20(delete%20image%20after%20use) Disagreements with chrch and goverment in Massachusetts
Conneticut%20colony Conneticut is founded
Hardvard%20college%20(delete%20after%20use) The Puritans made Hardvard college, now known as Hardvard University
Rhde%20island%20colony Rhode Island is founded
Anne%20hitchson Anne Hitchinson is forced to leave Massachusetts
Delaware%20colony Delaware is founded
Act%20of%20tolerence Tolerance Act
New%20york%20colony New York is founded
New%20jersey%20colony New Jersey is founded
King%20philip%20war King Phillip War
William%20penn Pennsylvania is founded
Middle%20passage Middle passage
Carolina North and South Carolina Carolina was split into two colonies - North and south Carolinas
The%20great%20awakening Great Awakening
Colony%20of%20georgia Georgia is founded
Fort%20mose Fort Mose