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Tex s e  hinton chapter 1 Tex rides his horse Negrito. Jhonny rides his cycle and they are best friends
Statefair1 chapter 2 They go to the fair and Tex is in 9th and Jaime is in 7th and they like each other and Tex dont like girls paying for things
Imagesca0ctqor chapter 3 They all get drunk for the first time and no one likes the next morning since they are depressed.
Imagescaapjssm chapter 4 Mrs. Jhonson is the principal and she always lets Tex and Jhonny off with alot of warinings
Untitled chapter 5 Mason finds out that he has an ulcer and Tex seen Jaime at he mall and realized he loves her.
Imagescaqa8py5 chapter 6 When Mason and Tex gets hijacked and the hijacker threatens to kill them. When Tex seen the died hitch hiker he thinks of him having a grilfriend and a family.
Work 7130763 1 flat,550x550,075,f father and son on the dock having a discussion chapter 7 Pops came home and he thought Tex's birthday was in November when it was in October. Tex goes to get Negrito but dont end up getting it.