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Dsc00083 Early Morning (7:00 A.M.) The day starts off in Telemiami. The live shows will run from 8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.
Dsc00210 Buenos Dias Miami! (8:00 A.M.) Tomas Garcia Fuste hosts "Buenos Dias Miami", a show about the daily events in Miami and worldwide.
Dsc00209 Talking with a Guest (9:00 A.M.) Tomas Garcia Fuste comments on the recent hospitalization of Hugo Chavez with a guest on the show, "Buenos Dias Miami".
Dsc00228 En Blanco y Negro (11:00 A.M.) Senayn hosts "En Blanco y Negro", a show that connects the viewers with their spiritual side. He takes calls on live television and tells people their future in money, love, and health.
Dsc00233 El Noticiero con Paula Lamas (Noon) Paula Lamas is anchor for the news show at noon. Viewers are informed of international and domestic events affecting their lives.
Dsc00264 En Vivo con Tere Andelo (2:00 P.M.) Teresa Andelo hosts "En Vivo con Tere Andelo", a popular show that promotes local businesses, advertises important upcoming events in the city, and gossips with the viewers about the latest celebrity buzz.
Dsc00193 Cocinando con Don Davis (3:00 P.M.) Davis hosts "Cocinando con Don Davis", a live cooking show where the bloopers are plentiful but the food is delicious!
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Telemiami's Shows