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Ted Bundy

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Ted%20bundy%20as%20a%20child Ted Bundy is Born Ted Bundy is born at a facility for young unwed mothers. The father is unknown.
Images%20%285%29 First Confirmed Assult Bundy snuck into an 18-year-old female dancer's, and a student at the University of Washington, basement bedroom and sexually assulted her. He then beat her with a metal bar from her bed. She survived but now has permanet brain damage.
Images%20%283%29 Next Victim She was also a student at the University of Washington. Bundy murdered her and dumped her body in a sperate location.
Images%20%286%29 The Evergreen State College victim Bundy kidnapped and murdered this 19-year-old girl from Evergreen State College.
Images%20%287%29 New MO Bundy lured a girl into his car at Central Washington State College by putting a cast on his arm and asking her to help him carry books into his car, a Volkswagon Bug
Images%20%288%29 He was spotted Bundy lured two girls into his car using the leg cast technique and asked them to help carry a large breifcase to his car. A witness spotted him with a girl and him having a volkswagon beetle.
Images%20%284%29 New Location Two young females were captured and murdered in the same day from Lake Sammamish State Park in Washington
Images%20%289%29 People are Catching on THe first sketch of the notorious killer, causing the deaths of all these women, was released to the papers. Bundy's girlfriend realized that he looked a lot like a the sketch, and turned him in. The cops ignored her efforts due to him being a sucessful and good looking man, Not someone who could be the killer.
Police%20uniform Another new MO He moved from Washington to Salt Lake Ciry in Utah. His new technique was to say he was a police officer and he needed to take them to the station to question them. Three woman died in october alone.
Failed 3 Charm is failing The police technique was failing. Two women denied him. One woman jumped out of the moving car after a struggle with him and he tried asking a teacher and a student to come to the station. They denied him as well. This lead him to become so angry he killed a 17 year old girl leaving to pick up her little brother.
Image police lights in rear view mirror1 300x297 They got him! Bundy was arrested for not stopping for a police officer. They found buglary tools in the car and they linked him to the crimes taken place in Idaho. He was sentenced to jail.
Images%20%284%29 Bundy Escapes! Bundy would escape from jail shortly after being sentenced.
Images%20%282%29 they caught him...again! Six days later he was caught. but he would escape seven months later.
Images%20%2810%29 Hes gone crazy! In a 30 min. rampage, bundy brutally attacked four women in florida. Two died while the other two were in critical condition. Then a block away, he severely injured another women as she slept.
Images%20%2811%29 captured! Bundy killed a 12 year old girl and was caught less than a week later. When questioned he confessed to killing 35 women. Many believe the number to be much, much higher.
Download%20%281%29 Executed. Ted bundy was executed and pleaded he was innocent the entire time
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Back to faking an injury. With his cop MO failing it was back to faking an injury. HE killed four women in Idaho.