Sunrise over fallujah walter dean myers

Sunrise Over Fallujah- Lawrence

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Timetoast The Squad Picture CreditsBirdy is introduced to his squad. At this point everyone doesn't really know each other. People have issues with Birdy's name that drive him crazy. His really name is Robin. This represents the starting point of the story. "I was glad to see everybody was waring name tags." (Myers 5)
Ttlawrence2 Entering Iraq Picture Credits"I could feel my heart beat faster as we crossed the borders into Iraq," (42). Birdy and his group are ceossing into Iraq. There is a line of body bags. Birdy is feeling a little nervious. At this point is where their troubles in Iraq officialy start.
Timetoast2 Birdy's First Picture Credit"It was a horror movie badly out of focus, with only the images in my head crystal clear," (57). Birdy has just witnessed his first killing. He doesn't know how to react to it. This event is something every soldier eventually goes through. Each has to find their own way to deal with their own emotion, and their after effects.
Timetoast3lawrence Just Children Picture Credits"'So we just let them die?' I asked. 'Even if they're just children?'"(117). The squad is at a small village that has just been attacked. Birdy is trying to help the kids that are hurt. He can only do so much. There is no way to give more assistance. This event really brings out the diverstity amongst the squad and its leaders. The higher up don't care about the Iraqi children, they are unimportant. The squad however feels a strong connection with the children.
Timetoastlawrence4 IEDs Picture Credits"I retched and was a heartbeat from vomitin," (133). Birdy just watched a Humvee explode. The explostion was caused by an IED, an Improvised Explosive Device. This instantly put everyone into high alert mode. The explosion happend when they were just shopping. Birdy had thought the war was over, but it wasn't.
Ttlawrence6 Mail Call Picture Credits"To me the monkey looked creepy," (140). Rios just got a huge packeage. He had ordered a small monkey charm off the internet for good luck. Instead he got this huge monkey that the seller thought would bring more luck. The monkey is dead, and Birdy does not like dead things. Ironicaly he latter likes the monkey.
Timetoast4lawrence Soccer Picture Credits"He said any Iraqi could beat an American any day," (150). Birdy and the squad play some of the Iraqi kids in soccer. The squad lose to the kids terribly. They blame it on the gear they were wearing. This happened right after an attack on the town. It shows how kids can't help being kids, even in the most depressing of circumstances.
Timetoastlawrence8 Pendleton Dies Picture Credits"Oh, God, why hadn't I looked at the pictures?"(204). Pendleton just died. Birdy is questioning himself, and doing some deep thinking. He's wondering why he didn't do some things when he had the chance. He's wonders what will happen to Pendleton's family back in the States. This was a small turning point int the story. Birdy is really starting to see what war means. He starts to think about his life, and what it means. How life is so short, and can end at any time.
Ttlawrence9 Dinner with the Sheik Picture creditsPicture Credits"This war is not about you or America," (224). The squad is eating supper with the sheik. The higher ups in the squad sat claoser to the sheik. They are trying to compromise for peace. The scene shows how set some Iraqies are in their way of life, and how everyone is tired of fighting. It also sheds light on how the Iraqis view the war.
Ttlawrence10 Birdy's Kill Picture Credits"All I remembered is the way the top of his head exploded and the way his hands, fingers spread wide apart, went to the side of his face," (232). Birdy has just prevented two Iraqis from sexually assualting Captain Miller. In the process Biredy killed the men up close. This was Birdy's first close up kill. This one kill he can't shake off as easily as the others because they were far away and in the dark. He hadn't seen what the after affects were in those far away killings, but these did.
Ttlawrence11 Relocating Picture Credits"What I was supposed to do was chill," (240). The squad just got moved to a new safety location. This is one of the spots they use for TV footage, to make thigns look good. Here everything appers to be more laid back. It shows how Birdy wants to have a normal life again. How the little luxouries are hard to find.
Ttkawrence12 Jonsey, Final Role Call Picture Credits"There were so many questions and I tried to answer them with some logic," (276). Jonesy has just died. He died saving a blind Iraqi kid. Birdy is at the memorial service for him. This is the major turning point in the story. It is the begining of the end of Birdy's squad. After this his life is about to change, and it could take many different paths.