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Amazingfantasy15 First appearance of Spider-Man Amazing Fatasy #15 First tells the story of a young science nerd who has greatness thrust apon him when a radio active spider bite grants him powers and a act of irresponsibility leaves his uncle dead. Peter Benjamin Parker is born.
First appearance of Aunt May and the late Ben Parker.
Also first appearance of Eugene"Flash" Thompson. Written by, Stan Lee
Art by, Steve Ditko
Cover by Jack Kirby, inked by Steve Ditko
Value near mint, Sold at auction for $126,500.00 in 05
Cover price 12 Cents
Amazingspider man1 Amazing Spider-Man#1 First issue of The Amazing Spider-Man. First appearance of the "Cameleon" Dmitri Smerdyakov.
Also first appearance of jolly J. Jonah Jameson.
Timeline First appearance of the Vulture Amazing Spider-Man#2 First fight with Adrian Toombs the "Vulture". The Vulture identity was stolen by some inmates in league with Toombes but the original Vulture would put and end to that.
3eda1aa8156e9 76 1 First Appearance of Doctor Octopus Amazing Spider-Man#3 First fight with "Doc Ock" Otto Octavius. Also Spidey's first defeat. Otto is a long battle for Spider-Man. The Doc has attacked Peter and his family but always is willing to sacrafice victory for a chance at a more complete defeat of Spider-Man. The good Doctor goes so far as to help Spidey if it will serve his greater plans of him being the one to finally take out the spider. Later a woman named Carolyn Trainer becomes a Lady Doc Ock.
Timeline First appearance of the Sandman Amazing Spider-Man#4 Common criminal Flint Marko the " Sandman" is introduced. He get his powers from an accident on a bomb testing site while trying to hide from the police. Also the first we see of Betty Brant.
Spiderman the lizard First appearance of the Lizard Amazing Spider-Man#6 Dr. Curt Conners turns himself into the "Lizard" in a attempt to combine his DNA with that of a lizard, hoping to re-grow a lost limb like lizards are able to. The theme of Spidey having to make hard choices about his friends and enimies is just starting for him.
Timeline First appearance of Electro Amazing Spider-Man#9 Max Dillion becomes "Electro" and comics give science lessons on the nature of electromagnectic forces for years to come.
Timeline First appearacne of Mysterio Thr Amazing Spider-Man #13 Quenton Beck Decides to wear a fish bowl and try his luck at the super villain game as "Mysterio"
Greengoblinasm122 First appearance of the Green Goblin Amazing Spider-Man #14 The "Green Goblin" later to be found out as Norman Osborne, begins his life long obession with Spider-Man, Peter Parker and all around evil crazy actions.
Timeline First appearance of Kraven The Hunter Amazing Spider-Man #15 Spidey meets Sergei Kravinoff for the first time. A foe that will hunt him often in an obsession to prove himself better. Also first mention of Mary-Jane.
Scorp First appearance of the Scorpion Amazing Spider-Man#20 MacDonald "Mac" Gargan, paid by J.Jonah to defeat Spider-Man he becomes the "Scorpion". Spidey's animal enimies pile on. He will later become the third Venom.
Mjface First Mary Jane Watson appearance Amazing Spider-Man #42 While mentioned in issues before this was the first time we see MJ. Her first words upon meeting Peter are "Face it tiger... You just hit the JACKPOT!" So true. So very true.
Gwenspidey First appearance of Gwen Stacy. Also Harry Osborne Amazing Spider-Man#31 Gwendolyn Stacy, Peter Parker's first love. She will be the first to have to deal with the danger of being in love with Peter and his life as Spider-Man.
Timeline First appearance of Norman Osborne Amazing Spider-Man#37 Norman appears as himself for the first time. Not as the Green Goblin as before.
Timeline Spider-Man unmasked to the Green Goblin Amazing Spider-Man#39 Spidey is unmasked and the Goblin reveals himself as Norman Osborne. This battle between them is now very personal.
Timeline First appearance of the Rhino Amazing Spider-Man #41 In order to gain the power to commit bigger crimes Aleksei Sytsevich becomes the Rhino.
Timeline First appearance of the Shocker Amazing Spider-Man #46 Herman Schultz the "Shocker" makes his first play to be a Spidey foe.
Kingpin First appearance of the Kingpin Amazing Spider-Man #50 The Kingpin appears here for the first time in the Marvel universe. He will become a player in many crime plots, and become a foe for many Marvel heros. His impact is as wide as he is.
Timeline First Appearance of Joseph "Robbie" Robertson Amazing Spider-Man #51 Joseph or Robbie as everyone calls him is the heart of the Daily Bugle where Peter's photos of Spidey pay the bills. He has been there to give Peter the fatherly advice that his father (deceased) never could. And that his uncle Ben (deceased) did when peter was growing up. Robbie is as much family to Peter as just about anyone.
Timeline Captain Stacy dies Amazing Spider-Man#90 Gwen's father Catain Stacy dies and Spidey blames himself for letting things get out of control while fighting Doc Ock and gets another load of guilt to bear.
Timeline Spider-Man comics takes on drug use. Amazing Spider-Man #96 Spider-Man breaks the Comics Code by showing the dangers of drugs. This leads to the changing of the Comics Code to alow drug use shown negatively.
Costumesixarms Spidy gets six arms Amazing Spider-Man #100 In an effort to return to normal and get rid of his spider powers. Peter creates a formula for that change, but instead he grows four more arms. He is cured later by Dr. Conners using an enzyme from the living vampire Michael Morbius.
Mtu1 Marvel Team Up#1 Spider-Man fighting along side friends and some foes. Second Spidey title. Here Spidey and the Human Torch begin thier partnership in crime fighting. Teaming up many times in the years to come.
Gsd Death of Gwen Stacy Amazing Spider-Man#122 Gwen is killed by the Green Goblin(thrown from the Brooklyn Bridge) Spidey will feel the guilt forever. To see where this and other events happened. See my Google Map.
Timeline First appearance of the Jackal and the Punisher Amazing Spider-Man #129 Dr. Miles Warren all the way back from issue #31 is to become the "Jackal". A long time of confusion and torture for Spider-Man to come. First time Frank Castle "The Punisher" appears in the Marvel universe. He is another major Marvel character to make his first appearance in a Spidey comic.
Spidermobileasm130 The Spider-Mobile Amazing Spider-Man#130 The Spider-Mobile is made by Corona Motors a company looking to use Spidey's fame to market thier new engine. It's destroyed soon there after. Thankfully.
Timeline Aunt May almost marries Doc Ock Amazing Spider-Man#131 Peters dear Aunt May is almost tricked into marrying Doctor Octopuss. Ock is after some land in Canada she inherited that is full of uranium. Spidey foils it all. Another reminder of how his two lives affect each other.
Timeline Harry becomes the second Green Goblin Amazing Spider-Man#136 Harry Osborne becomes the second Green Goblin, the struggle of having to fight your friends continues.
Timeline Gwen Stacy cloned Amazing Spider-Man#144 The first of clone problems Spider-Man will face. Gwen is cloned and thought to be alive. This will be and easy problem compared to later events.
Ben reilly First appearace of Ben Reilly Amazing Spider-Man#149 Spidey meets his clone Ben(thinks himself the real Peter at this point.) for the first time . This is the very begining of the clone drama to come much later. After some fighting and a long time of wondering who is the clone. Ben takes on the Spider-Man job for a bit while a powerless Peter and Mary-Jane move to Portland, OR to try and try to have a normal life. Ben ends up more like a brother to Pete. Ben dies later because of a complication with being a clone.
Ppss Spectacular Spider-Man#1 The Marvel team decides anouther Spidey title is needed. This replaces Marvel Team Up. Spidey fights along side some of the other popular heros from the Marvel universe.
Timeline First appearance of the third Green Goblin Amazing Spider-Man#176 Dr. Bart Hamilton, Harry Osborne's psychiatrist, takes up the identity of the Green Goblin after learning about him through Harry. Hamilton dies four issues later.
Timeline Peter Parker Proposes to Mary Jane Watson Amazing Spider-Man#182 Peter proposes to MJ by hiding a diamond ring in a box of cracker jacks. In issue #183 MJ turns down Pete's proposal saying she isnt ready to be tied down. This marks MJ's last appearance in the Spidey comics until issues #243.
Timeline Spider-Man graduates from college Amazing Spider-Man#185 Peter gets his degree in biophysics from Empire State University. He couldn't graduate on time because of his missing some gym class while out battling super villains. He still has yet to finish his doctorate studies in biochemistry. To see where this and other events happened. See my Google Map.
Timeline Peter and Mary-Jane break up Amazing Spider-Man#193 Peter and MJ call it quits. But he meets the Black Cat in the next issue and gets MJ back later.
Blkcatfh First appearacne of the Black Cat Amazing Spider-Man#194 Felicia Hardy meets Spidey as the "Black Cat" a thief. She will become his partner and his lover. Things get complicated when she has trouble being in love with the Spider and not Peter Parker.
Timeline First appearance of Madame Web Amazing Spider-Man#210 Spidey meets Cassandra Webb "Madame Web" for the first time. Having mutant Psychic powers and being born in Salem, Or. Madame Web has helped and asked Spider-Man for help many times. Most notably when he protected her from the unstopable Juggernaut.
Timeline First appearance of Hydro-Man Amazing Spider-Man#212 Morris Bench makes his first showing. Later he and the Samdman will fight over a woman name Sadie Frickett, and mix and form the Mud-Thing. Really.
Hobgoblin First appearance of the Hobgoblin Amazing Spider-Man#238 The Hobgoblin makes his first appearance. The goblins true indentity was always Roderick Kingsley. Samuel "Lefty" Donovan was next as Kingsley's sap. Ned Leeds was the goblin as Kingsley's brain washed puppet. Later Jason Phillip Macendale Jr. had Ned killed and left his "Jack O Latern" persona to become the third Hobgoblin. This was allowed by Kingsley.
Timeline First Appearance of the second Hobgoblin Amazing Spider-Man#244 "Lefty" Donovan is the second Hobgoblin. Like all Hobgoblins to come the original is always watching and directing events. Lefty dies next issue.
Timeline Mary-Jane Watson returns Amazing Spider-Man#243 MJ returns to Spidey's life just in time to catch him in the arms of anther woman.
Timeline Spider-Man reveals his identity to kid with cancer Amazing Spider-Man#248 Visiting a kid named Tim Harrison, who has collected every thing printed about Spider-Man, he has a very long talk with the kid about his powers and his life. Before Spidey leaves, Tim asks him for one more thing. To know who Spider-Man really is. telling him that he is Peter Parker and removing his mask Spidey then swings away in front of a sighn reading "Slocum-Brewer Cancer Clinic". Tim promised to keep the secret as long as he lived. He had terminal leukemia with only
Timeline MJ reveals to Peter that she knows he is Spider-Man Amazing Spider-Man#257 The Puma attacks Peter in his apartment. His spidey sense warns him and he throws out MJ just before the Puma crashes in. After the fight he tries to make an excuse to MJ about the noise but she tells him not to worry; she has knows for years that he is Spider-Man.
Later in Untold tales of Spider-Man#16 Dec ,1996 Mj tells the story of how she saw Spidey leave the Parker house the night Uncle Ben was killed and she has always known.
Bagman First appearance of the Amazing Bag-Man Amazing Spider-Man#258 After going to see Dr. Reed Richards(Mr.Fantastic of the Fantastic Four) about the alien symbiote that was Spidey's black costume. Peter is left with no costume to get home in. Jonny Storm(Human Torch of the F.F.) is there to lend him a costume but has no mask for Pete.This would not be the last time Spider-Man has to suffer this indignity.
Secret wars8 First appearance of the alien symbiote Secret Wars#8 While on another planet fighting along side earth's greatest heros, Peter gets the alien symbiote thinking it just another costume. He wears the costume all the way back to earth in Amazing Spider-Man#252
Web1 Web Of Spider-Man #1 Another title for Spidey fans to read. This title starts out with Peter finding a way to get rid of the alien symbiote that is his black costume. In pain because of the volume of the bell at Our Lady of Saints church, the symbiote leaves Peter. Later the Symbiote will be shown to have found Eddie Brock about to kill himself. They become Venom.
Timeline The Amazing Spider-Kid appears Amazing Spider-Man#263 Dumb Ollie Osnick makes some "spider" arms to try and be like his hero Spidey. Lame. Harry's son is also born in this issue.
Timeline First appearance of Eddie Brock Web Of Spider-Man#18 First we see of Eddie Brock later to become the orginal "Venom" along with the alien symbiote. Eddie's life takes a turn for the worse and he blames Peter for most of it.
Timeline Death of Ned Leeds the third Hobgoblin Amaziing Spider-Man#289 Jason Macendale(Jack O Lantern) has the Hobgoblin(Ned Leeds) killed in Berlin so he can take over the name for profit. Ned is discovered to be the Hobgoblin at the time. Unknown to everyone Ned was under the control of the first Hobgoblin.
To see where this and other events happened. See my Google Map.
Timeline Peter Parker Proposes to Mary Jane Watson for the 2nd time Amazing Spider-Man #290 Peter proposes to MJ again. MJ is still reluctant to commit.
Timeline Mary Jane says "Yes" to Peter's marriage proposal Amazing Spider-Man#292 It took MJ three issues before she finally gave Peter an answer to her proposal. She said yes, but not before running off to Pittsburgh to deal with her dysfunctional family. Spidey helps out with her thief/loser/not much of a father and she becomes Mary Jane Watson-Parker.
Timeline Spider-Man buried alive Web of Spider-Man#31 Kraven the hunter buries Spider-Man alive in a effort to prove that he is spidery's better. This is a very tramatic event for Peter. Clearly insane, Kraven kills himself later.
Wed Peter Parker gets married to MJ Giant Sized Anual the Amazing Spider-Man Spidey and Mary Jane tie the knot. Finally!
Timeline First Todd McFarlane Amazing Spider-Man Amazing Spider-Man#298 Todd McFarlane starts drawing Spidey. Good times.
Venom First full appearance of Venom Amazing Spider-Man#300 First time Venom(Eddie Brock) is fully in the comic. His arm or just an obscured view of him was all that had taken place before. Eddie and the alien symbiote both hate Peter. Combined they are one of his most relentless foes.
Amazingspiderman annual 22 First appearance of Speedball Amazing Spider-Man annual#22 The first appearance of Robbie Baldwin aka Speedball. Later a member of The New Warriors who later start the storyline for the epic Civil War. Speedball is lame!
Timeline Mary-Jane kidnapped Amazing Spider-Man#307 MJ is kidnapped by a obsesed and wealthy fan, Jonathan Caesar. Her abduction having nothing to do with Spider-Man makes his life style of danger more understandable. This event helps Mj to deal being with a superhero's wife dispite all the worry about the danger to her husband.
Costumecosmicspidey Cosmic Spider-Man Amazing Spider-Man#158 Spider-Man gets temporary cosmic power making him more powerful than most othe Marvel characters. The Enigma Force that granted those chose Parker to defeat some powerfull threats to earth.
S1 Spider-Man#1 Spidey title with a simple name and some of Todd McFarlane goodness.
250px carnagemarvel First appearance of Carnage Amazing Spider-Man#344 Cletus Kasady already a very, very bad person gets symbiote powers from the alien symbote that is on Eddie Brock as Venom. The first symbiote reproduces and a red symbiote finds Cletus and becomes Carnage. With his creation Spider-Man and long time Spidey/Parker hater Venom(he hates Carnage) have to work together oftern to defeat him.
Timeline Peter's parents come back from the dead Amazing Spider-Man#365 Peter's Mother and father seemingly come back from the dead. After being told they died in a plane crash his whole life, they claim to have been prisoners of the Nazi Red Skull.
Us1 Spider-Man Unlimited Spidey fun starting with Maximum Carnage.
Timeline Death of Harry Osborn Spectaular Spider-Man#200 Harry attacks as the Green Goblin. After fighting Spidey and leaving him to die. Harry's insanity breaks for a moment and he saves Peter. Collapsing after the battle Harry is pronounced DOA at the hospital. Poisoned by his own "Goblin" formula. Harry dying is one more loved one that has to be burried because of this super-hero life thrust on Peter.
Web100 Spider-Armour Web of Spider-Man#100 Spidey makes some armour for a fight. It is desrtroyed and never built agian. Thankfully.
Timeline Peter learns the truth about his parents return Amazing Spider-Man#388 After seeming to have his parents back. Peter learns the truth about these Parkers. they were fakes the whole time, created by the Chameleon.
Timeline Mary-Jane going to have Spidey's baby Spectacular Spider-Man V1 #220 Spider-Man gets poisoned, crazy killer guy(turns out to be Kaine), Aunt May on the brink of death. Out of all of it the biggest shock? He is going to be a father. Great news!!
Timeline Death of Aunt May Amazing Spider-Man #400 After suffering a heat attack and being in a coma, Aunt May returns for a few days and atop the Empire State building, tells Peter that she has known he was Spider-Man for years now. She is then burried next to Ben Parker. Aunt May would return later as many in the comic world seem to.
Timeline Phil Urich becomes the fourth Green Goblin Web of Spider-Man#125 Phil Urich Decides to use the Goblin equipment to become the next Goblin. But his aim was to use the powers as a hero. He gives up the Goblin after his equipment is damaged battling a Sentinel during the Onslaught crossover.
Timeline Peter Parker named as a clone Spectacular Spider-Man#226 Peter is named as the clone and not the original Spider-Man. Ben is said to be the orginal. This sends Peter into the possibly the worst time of his life. The Jackel being the only one with a difinitive answer, toys with the two Spider-Man. The title of original goes back and forth and the stress of it all takes its toll on Peter, Ben, MJ, and ALL Spider-Man fans.
Ut1 Untold Tales of Spider-Man#1 Spidey comic launch, mostly tales that took place a long time ago.
Ss1 Scarlet Spider title month Peter Parker and his clone Ben Reilly playing name swap. Even though one is a clone, great power is there. So to must come great responsibility. New York gets two Spideys for the price of one for a little while. Web of Sarlet Spider #1(pictured), Amazing Scarlet Spider #1, Scarlet Spider #1, Spectacular Scarlet Spider #1, and Scarlet Spider Unlimited #1 all released the same month
Timeline Peter and MJ move to Portland, OR Spider-Man: Final Adventure#1 With MJ pregnant, the Parkers move to Portland Oregon to start a new and normal life. Peter's clone Ben back in New York takes up the Spidey position while Pete is away. Even with the temperary loss of his powers Peter still is compelled to play hero. The couple decide that they are New Yorkers for life and move back to the big apple afer only a few issues.
000 alt Sensational Spider-Man#0 Spidey title starting at 0. Great new Spidey outfit as Ben Reilly takes over as the Spider-Man for a bit.
Timeline Parker's Baby Kindnapped Amazing Spider-Man#418 Mary Jane goes int labor and the Parker baby(named Mayday Parker) seems to be a still born. The baby however seems to have been kidnapped by Norman Osbore the Green Goblin. In an alternet future universe, it would seem that little May grew up fine with her parents and becomes Spider-Girl. That comic is still currently running.
Timeline Death of Ben Reilly Spider-Man#75 Peter and Ben are in the middle of a fight with the orginal Green Goblin Norman Osborne. Ben gets impaled by the Goblins Glider and disintegrates. Thus proving once and for all that Ben was the clone, as all clones in the Marvel universe disintegrate at one point or anouther due to thier unstable clone cells. As everyone knows.
Timeline Return of Norman Osborn Spectacular Spider-Man#250 Norman Osborn the original Green Goblin returns. Not dead but has been living in europe messing with Parker life from accross the Atlantic. Norman is behind most of the terrible things in Peter and Mary-Janes's life ove the last few years and has been running thigs from the shadows. This marks his official return.
Timeline Spider-Man fights crime as other identities. Amazing Spider-Man#434 Wanted by the law(again) Spidey is forced to use diffrent identities(Ricochet, Dusk, Prodigy, Hornet) to prove his innocence. Mary-Jane helps him pick out new names and costumes.
Timeline Issue number reset Amazing Spider-Man Volume 2 #1 For some reason Marvel decided to reset the issue numbers on their titles. This only lasts for a few years and the numbering goes back to where it should have been. The current numbers include the volume 2 comics as to reflect the actual total number of comics printed for that title.
Wts1 Webspinners Tales of Spider-Man#1 Tales of Spidey, spinning....webs.
001 Peter Parker:Spider-Man#1 More Spidey titles to get Marvel throught the lean times.
Timeline Mary Jane's plane blows up Amazing Spider-ManV2#13 Peter is about to find out that flight 9171 with MJ aboard has exploded at 32,000 feet. Not really dead but kinapped again, she returns in Amazing Spider-ManV2 #29.
Timeline Spider-Man kidnapped by the Green Goblin Peter Parker: Spider-ManV2 #25 After an attempt to kidnap his grandson "Normie" Norman Osborn turns his attention to Peter. Believing that only he was worthy to carry on the Osborn legacy. Weeks of planting druged toothpaste and hypnotic CDs in Peter's apartment to brain wash Peter, Norman kidnaps Peter and attemps to sway him over to the Osborn side. Peter's denial of Osborn and the Goblin legacy only serve to deepen the Goblin's hate for Parker.
Timeline First appearance of Morlun Amazing Spider-ManV2#30 Morlun a mystical being that wasnts to feed on Spidey's life energy shows up for the hunt. After giving Spider-MAn the beating of his life he is killed by a crazed Peter protecting Mary-Jane.
Tw1 Spider-Man Tangled Web#1 Spidey title.
Timeline First appearance of Ezekiel Amazing Spider-Man(Volume2)#30 With powers much like Spider-Man Ezekiel Sims also has knowledge of the mystical side of peter's powers. Letting him know that it might not have been chance he was bit, but fate.
Timeline September 11th issue Amazing Spider-ManV2#36 Two months after Septemer 11th Marvel put out some comics that showed the same event happening in the Marvel universe. Not really comic stories as much as the Marvel heros helping out and showing the heroics of firefighters and police doing what they do and being admired by the comic heros.
Timeline May talks to Peter about him being Spider-Man Amazing Spider-ManV2#38 After returning from a battle with Morlun, Aunt May finds Peter sleeping, beaten up with is Spidey suit on the floor. After 40 years she has to deal with the fact that he is Spider-man.
Timeline Peter and MJ get back together Amazing Spider-ManV2#50 After being seperated for some time and thinking that she was dead. Pete and Mary Jane meet in an airport that they are both stranded in. They decide to get back together.
Mks1 Marvel Knights: Spider-Man#1 Spidey, a knight. At least in the title of this comic.
001 altna The New Avengers #1 Spidey is a founding member of the New Avengers. Not just a honary member like with the old ones. After a bad defeat and loss of funding the old Avengers disbanded and these new one came forwrd to fill the role. The new roster included Jessica Drew (Spider-Woman), Matt Murdock (Daredevil), Luke Cage, Captain America, Iron Man, Wolverine, and Spidey.
Stark tower Peter, Mary-Jane, and Aunt May Move into Stark towers Amazing Spider-Man#519 After May's house is distroyed, Tony Stark(IronMan) invites them to live in his building. His plans for Peter help bring on the Civil War between heros.
Fns1 Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man#1 More Spidey reading fun.
Timeline Peter Parker dies(sorta) Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man#3 Spidey dies in a fight with Morlun protecting MJ only to be reborn as some spiders do. He is enhanced upon rebirth with more strength, better senses, and organic webbing.
529 IronMan makes Spidey a new suit Amazing Spider-Man#529 One more costume for Spider-Man. This made by Tony Stark(IronMan) himself. Complete with extra arms and lost of IronMan like gadgits.
Timeline Super Hero Civil War begins Amazing Spider-Man#532 After unmasking himself on national television Peter finds himself choosing sides on hero registration act that has split the heros into two fighting factions.
Spiderman Spider-Man unmasks Civil War#2 Spidey unmasks at a press confrence to help Tony Stark's plan to have heros register with the government. His self unmasking is done as a show of good faith to the new registration act and as an example to other heros. To see where this and other events happened. See my Google Map.
Timeline Spidey unwrites his history by dealing with the Devil Amazing Spider-Man#545 Peter makes a deal with Mephisto(pretty much the devil) to bring Aunt May back to life. This resets some part of time and a lot of things kind just never happened. Like Marrying MJ??? Like Harry Osborne is alive as well? Like about 21 years of history. This does not sit well with Spidey fans. Not well at all.
Timeline Peter causes J.Jonah Jameson's heart attack Amazing Spider-Man#546 After the "deal with the devil" that erased about 21 years of Spider-Man history, Peter is single and broke. Just like old times. Marching in to the Daily Bugle to demand money that J.J owes him, Jonah is less that willing to pay up right then. Peter loses it and tells off J. Jonah about how his Spidey pics have made that paper and he owes him. Jameson has a heart attack on the spot.