Sir Francis Drake's Exploration Timeline

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Timeline 16th Dec, 1545 Birth In the year 1545, he was born in Tavistock, England.
Timeline 17th Dec, 1568 First Expidition Drake's first expedition was with John Hawkins. He captained the ship Judith, one of six ships that made up the fleet. Hawkins first led the fleet to Africa where they captured people to sell into slavery. Then they sailed across the Atlantic to the New World. They sold the slaves at a Spanish port, but they were betrayed. Spanish ships attacked the fleet and destroyed many of the ships. Drake and the Judith were able to escape, but he never forgave the Spanish.
Timeline 15th Nov, 1577 Around the World Drake and 5 ships left England to find some treasure for the Queen Elizibeth.
Timeline 26th Sep, 1580 Returning In 1580 Drake returned with lots of loot and sailed across the world. When he gave a lot of the loot to he queen he was knighted nd was known as Sir Fancis Drake
Timeline Defeat In 1588 King Phillip the second 2 of Spain had enough of people like Francis. He wanted to qonquer Britan. He sent the Spanish Armada over to crush the British and take over England. Queen Elizebeth made Drake the Vice Adimril of the British fleet. They waited for the Armada to come but when they did storm struck. After the storm struck and took out most of the ships Drake destroyed the rest.
Timeline Died He died of dysentery while on an expedition to the New World in Portebello, Panama, on January 27, 1596.
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16th Dec, 1545