Scientist who said a theory of plate tectonics

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Timeline Abraham Ortelius His theory is "continental drift".
Abraham was the first to suggest that all the continents were once joined together called "Pangaea". and they were sepereated by earthquakes and floods.His evidence was that all the continents fit alomst perfect into each other.
Timeline James Hutton He made the Uniformitarian Principle, this states that the same geological forces that are used in present day science were also used in the past.
Timeline Alfred Wegener He also suggested the "Pangaea Theory". Which states that all the continent were once all a whole. He suggested this because all the continents fit together and then seperated while time passed.
Timeline Harry Hess He suggested the "Sea Floor Spreading Theory", which states that the seafloor moves and takes the continents with it. It expands and causes the continents to move every year.
Timeline DAn Mckenzie He suggested the "Plate Tectonic Theory" which states that the outer layer of the inside of the world, the lithosphere, is serperated into different continents that are now called, African,North America, South America, Eurasian, Antartic, Australian, and pacific plates.
Timeline Arthur Holmes He suggested the "Convection current Theory" which states that the mantle heats up and cools down repeatidly over and over and over again. Arthur suggested that was the reason th continents move every year.
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Nicolaus Steno His theory was the " Law of superpostion" , which states that all solids were once liquids and the water droped down to form layers inside the newly fformed solid.