Animal farm

Russian Revolution VS. Animal Farm

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Event Date: Event Title: Event Description:
Karl marx Death of Karl Marx Death of Karl Marx/Old Major.
Communism/Animalism created
Karl Marx created the idea of communism (Old Major created animalism) in the 1800s
Church1 Russian Orthodox Church After the revolution, the Orthodox Church was considered bad under Stalin's rule. The church was reinstated in 1941
(Moses represented religion in animal farm)
081001 czar vmed 230a grid 4x2 Abdiction of Czar Nicholas II Nicholas was abdicted, as well as Mr.Jones.
Boxer End of WWI Beginning of labor camps. Pigs encouraged animals to work on the farm.
Injured Assasination attempt on Leon Trotsky The bullet grazed the back of Snowball's head, leaving both Leon and Snowball wounded.
300px cwrarticleimage The Civil War in Russia The Russian Civil War occured after the Russian government collapsed to the Soviets. Trotsky organized The Red Army while Stalin commanded forces elsewhere. In the book Trotsky/Snowball, and Stalin/Napoleon both had different opinions about almost everything. This represents the Battle of Cowshed
Trotsky stalin Struggle between Stalin and Trotsky Conflicts rise between Stalin (Napoleon) and Trotsky (Snowball). Both fight for power.
120d6c9e6c7e97af1afb46a088e05349 1m Five Year Plan begins Trotsky gets deported (Snowball is chased away by dogs)
Start of industrialization/Five Year Plan begins (windmill for increased production of goods)
Ussr 1 The recognition The USA recognises the USSA (The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) and in Animal Farm, the other farms begin to notice Animal Farm and the oddity of how it is run
Stalin spies 1 Secret Police and Starvations Starvations of millions who didn't want to work for Stalin (starvation of animals)
Secret Police became official (pigs searced through animals belongings), In Animal Farm Napoleons dogs also represent the Secret Police.
Timeline Secret Meetings Non-aggresssion Nazi-Soviet pact (Napoleon meets with Frederick)
15582 The German Invasion Under the name Operation "Barbarossa," Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union on June 22, 1941. Allegory to the Battle of The Windmill.