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Jan 1st, 0860
The Vikings Came In 860 Vikings from Sweden crossed the Baltic Sea and settled West of the Ural Mountains.
Jan 1st, 1200
Mongols Invaded Russia The Mongols invaded Russia, but did not invade Moscow. They ruled from 1200-1400s.
Jan 1st, 1547
Ivan IV became czar Ivan IV became czar in 1547. He later became known as Ivan the Terruble.
May 3rd, 1561
St. Basil's Church Orthodox Cathedral was created From 1555-1561 St. Basil's Church Orthodox Cathedral was created. The man who created the Church had his eyes taken out by Ivan the Terrible because he did not want him to make another building like the St. Basil's Church Orthodox Cathedral.
Czar%20michael Michael Romanov became czar In 1613 Michael Romanov became czar.
Serfdom Serfdom In 1649 serfdom became legal in Russia.
Peter%20the%20great Peter became czar In 1689 Peter became czar of Russia, from 1689-1725. He later became known as Peter the Great.
Russian%20flag Expansion Russia began to expand from Finland to San Fransisco.
Agriculture Angry citizens Around the 1800s citizens started going against the czars, so they let the citizens have a say in the government, have more freedom, built industry, and modernize agriculture.
Napoleon Napoleon Attacked In 1812 Napoleon, the ruler of France invaded Russia, he came with 600,00 men, and left with fewer than 10,000
Railroad Modernazation In 1861 Czar Alexander II built railroads, freed serfs, established modern banking system, increased freedom of the press, and established a jury system.
Alas Alaska sold In 1867 Alaska was sold to the U.S. for $7.2 billion
Egg Faberge Egg Czar Alexander III ordered the first Faberge egg in 1885 for his wife, Czarina Maria. The man who made the egg was Carl Faberge, a jeweler.
Trans siberian railway Trans-Siberian Railroad In 1889 the Trans-Siberian Railroad was completed, it was 4,500 miles long.
Alexander ii Czar Alexander ll was killed In 1894 Czar Alexander II was assassinated by a terrorist bomb.
Nick Czar Nicholas becomes Czar At age 26, Czar Nicholas reluctantly became czar in 1894.
Russian%20flag The Duma was created In 1906 Czar Nicholas created a constitutional monarchy, the Duma, an elected parliament, giving voice the people of Russia. But, if anyone who was in the Duma disagreed with him he would fire them all and get more people. It lasted for only 7 months.
Ras Rasputin In 1912, Rasputin, a mystical faith healer, saved Czar Nicholas II’s son. He gave ideas to the family to save him, making him a close friend to the family. Alexi had hemophilia.
Letter Strange letter fom Rasputin In 1916 Rasputin sent a letter to the family saying that he feels someone in the czars’ family will kill him by January 1st. He said if that becomes true, the czars’ immediate family will die within 2 years at the hands of the Russian people. Rasputin was killed… and so was the czar’s family, at the hands of the Russian people.
Lenin John Lenin In 1917 a man named Lenin became the leader of the Russian Communist party, the Bolsheviks. He followed Karl Marx’s ideas and made a government should have all manufacturing, agriculture and transportation, everyone was equal, and that the government provided for the people, this was called Socialism. But, if you did not follow the rules of the Communist you would be sent to prison camps in Siberia, or killed. 
Nick Czar Nicholas abdicated the throne In 1917 Czar Nicholas abdicated (gave up) the throne. He did not want to give the throne to the heir, Alexi because he was too young (14), and he was to sick from hemophilia. So the czar asked his brother, but he refused.
Riots Riots. Riots started because of food and coal shortages in 1917.
Stare Cold War Starts From about 1945-1989 the Cold War was occurring between USSR and USA. Nothing happened… that’s why it was called the Cold War.
Berlin USSR took over Berlin In 1948 the USSR took over Berlin, Germany; East Germany=communist, West Germany=democratic. The USA was afraid that USSR would try to spread communism over the world.
Food USSR bout food from USA In the 1960’s USSR had bad harvest, so they bought food from USA.
G Mikhail Gorbachov In 1985, the leader of the communist party, Mikhail Gorbachov, was elected president. He opened USSR politically, socially, and economically.
G Gorbachov resigned In 1991, there was a failed coup (an overthrow of the government), 27. In 1991, there was a failed coup (an overthrow of the government).
M Putin and Medvedev On October 7, 2008, the Russian Federation president was Vladimer Putin. Also, the new president was elected, he was Medvedev.
Putin PUTIN was re-elected On March 4, 2012, Putin was re-elected as president.
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Jan 1st, 0860

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