Russia 1500's-1900's

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Ivan iv 1st Jan, 1533 First Russian Czar Ivan IV or Ivan the terrible was the first Czar of russia by him giving himself the title a Czar
Soviet 1st Jan, 1547 begining of The Good period This period give russia land, codified laws to unite russia, and russia was ruled justly and fairly by Ivan IV.
Burning flag 1st Jan, 1560 begining of the bad period and end of the good Ivan's wife dies of a mysterious illness, Ivan blamed boyars and began to kill them, ivan hired a secret police called the oprichnina that killed anyone ivan considered a traitor or a threat.
Septer 12th Nov, 1581 Death of Ivans older son Ivan the terrible killed his oldest son over an argument about his wife by striking him with his septer.
Romanov The next Czar Michael Romanov is selected as teh next Czar of russia and began a dynasty in russia that will last the next 300 years.
Timeline Michael Romanov's dynasty begins Michael Romanov's 300 year dynasty begins
Timeline Ivan's death Ivan the terrible dies then later his son dies so he is left without an heir.
Timeline Peter The Great is born Born on May 30 1672, Peter was named Peter Alexowitz
Timeline Peter the great <a href='' >Peter the Great, reigned 1682-1725
Peter the great ruled russia at age 24 (total control) and also tried to westernize russia.
Timeline Michael Romanov's dynasty ends The dynasty started in 1613 by Michael Romanov ends
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1st Jan, 1547
1st Jan, 1560
Good period Ivan IV takes power and improves russia
1st Jan, 1560
bad period Ivan IV takes a turn for the worst becoming paranoid and self contious.

Peter the Great Time of Peter the great and westernization of russia.