Race Riots of the 1960's

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00000000000000 Intro To Riotos on 1960's The 1960's was a pivotal decade in American History as the Civil Rights Movement was one of the most important events of the decade. Many leaders, organizations, marches, and sit0ins occured during this era.
0000000000000 1960's Riots at Colleges The 1960's were a decade of protests. It was the first time students really began to get involved.
000000000000 Greensboro North Carolina Riots Riots in Greensboro were held at middle schools as well as highschools. Schools such as Dudley high and North Carolina A&T State University protested when aministration wouldn't let a black males name be on the ballot for students body president and lets not forget the a&t sit-in
000000000000000 Riots at the University of Mississippi students are protesting for equal rights
0000000000000000 Watts Riots Since the Civil Rights act of 1964 was passed most caucsians were not reay to give up their discriminatory ways of how they treated African Americans
00000000000000000000000 College Riots were not just in the South! Students at berkley began protesting when an executive at the local newspaper questioned their political rallies against race.
00000000000000000 Watts Riot Cruel and unusual punishment toward African Americans
0000000000000000000 Life In The Ghetto blacks were discriminated against, and treated unfairly because the color of their skin. Two men were said to be pulled over by white policeman because the appeared to be intoxicated.
Timeline Detroit Riot in 1967 Detriot riot was the most violent and brutal riot in the 1960's
0000000000000000000000000 Detroit Riots
00000000000000000000 Protests at Columbia University in 1968
000000000000000000000 Riots After Death Of MLK After the fatal shooting of civil rights leader Mrtin Luther King Jr. riots occured in up to 125 cities
000000000000000000000000 Alienation The critics of Governor Agnew felt that H. Rap Brown had alienated the African American community that voted for him
0000000000000000000000 Rioting In Baltimore Maryland Rioting and looting occured n the inner city of Baltimore from saturday april 6th to tuesday April 9th
Timeline " any nigger that can stop a riot, can start a riot!" Melvin Williams spent 26 years in prison for having so much power and control over the community.