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Quaternary Period

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Images small square 2 Million Years Ago Continents in baisic same location
Killer whale breach small square 1.9 MIllion Years Ago Whales and sharks rules the seas, consuming otters, seals, dugongs, fish, squid, crustaceans, urchins, and microscopic plankton.
Indianstonetool small square 1.8 Million Years Ago Early humans begin using stone tools
Homepage small square 700,000 Years Ago A repeating pattern emerges: Ice ages last 100,000 years followed by warmer interglacials of 10,000 to 15,000 years each.
Small fire small square 700,000 Early humans begin using fire, supplementing their diet of berries, roots, grains and raw meat with cooked nutrients
Antarctica sea ice forming2 small square 600,000 Years Ago Ice Age lowers sea level, trapping water in ice and exposing a land bridge between Asia and North America.
79538 004 f996fc7f small square 190,000 Years Ago The first humans evolve in Africa and dispersed to Europe, Asia, Australia and the Americas. Since then, Homo erectus has altered the compsition of life in the seas, on land, and in the air— ultimatly causing the planet to warm.
Homo erectus2 small square 190,000 Years Ago Ice Ages cause modern humans in Africa to create and wear clothes
Homo erectus migration map small square 60,000 Years Ago Drawn by changing climate at the end of another Ice Age, modern people leave Africa and travel along the coast of South Asia into India and then to Australia. Later, these humans move out of Africa into West Asia and then into Europe, Central Asia and China.
Ocean small square 10,000 Years Ago Last Ice Age ends, causing sea levels to rise
Cenozoic era info0 small square 10,000 Years Ago Various mammals including mammoths, rhinos, bison, and oxen which had become massive with thick coats of hair and fed on small shrubs and grasses become extinct as the temparetures warm. Only a small number of these megafauna remain, including elephants, rhinoceroses, and hippopotamuses.
Bering land bridge1 small square 10,000 Years Ago Land bridge appears and humans migrate from Asia into North America. A warm, wet climate results in plentiful food in West Asia, resulting in many nomadic hunter-gatherers settling in one location.
Farmland small square 10,000 Years Ago Farming develops, caused by the settling down of nomadic hunter-gatherers.
New york city small square 5,000 Years Ago Cities develop from settled nomads grouping together
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Quaternary Period

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