Parental and Fetal Developement

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    5th hour, Child Development.
  • Ovulation

    Short:When an ova drops from the ovary into a fallopian tube.
    Long: Once every 28 days, the ovary will release one or more ova into the fallopian tube(s) to be transferred into the uterus, where it may be fertilized.
  • Conception

    Short: When sperm and ova unite.
    Long: When a male and female have sexual intercourse, and sperm from the male travels up the vagina and into the uterus, where it fertilizes the ova.
  • Zygote

    Short: Is the baby from conception through the first two weeks.
    Long: The zygote starts after conception, and is a group of cells that are multiplying to start forming an embryo. By the end of the first two weeks, the zygote has started to develop organs, and transforming.
  • First Month

    First Month
    Short: Is a zygote, and is in its first two weeks of development.
    Long:The zygote is 1/4 inches long. It has a liver and aorta formed. The mom may experience morning sickness and fatigue in this month.
  • Embryo

    Short: The child from the third through eighth week of pregnancy.
    Long: This is after the zygote stage. The baby is now developing all of their vital organs, bones, and muscles. The brain starts to develop in this stage, and will continue to grow until long after birth.
  • Second Month

    Second Month
    Short: Embryo is at 3rd week of development.
    Long:The Embryo is now 1 1/2 inches long. It has developed vital organs, bones, and muscles. The mom might experience frequent urination, cravings, and irritability in this month.
  • Fetus

    Short: The baby from the ninth week until birth.
    Long: This is the stage after embryo. The baby will be a fetus until it is born. In this stage the baby grows rapidly and starts to practice breathing, sucking, and crying in the womb. It will begin to move, kick, and swim.This is usually the most uncomfortable stage for the mother.
  • Third Month

    Third Month
    Short: Fetus is at the 10th week of development.
    Long:The fetus is now 3 inches long. You can hear its heartbeat and all of its organs have begun to work. The mom will gain 2-4 lbs and have less morning sickness by this month.
  • Fourth Month

    Fourth Month
    Short: Fetus is at the 14th week of development.
    Long:The fetus is 4-6 inches long! It may begin to move. The umbilical cord and placenta have become its main source of nutrients. The mom may experience an increase in tummy size and appetite.
  • Fifth Month

    Fifth Month
    Short: Baby is at 20th week of development.
    Long:The fetus is 8-12 inches long. It will sleep and wake at regular intervals. The baby will move a lot, and grows fine body hair. The mom would be able to hear the heartbeat through a stethoscope.
  • Sixth Month

    Sixth Month
    Short: Baby is at 24th week of development.
    Long:The fetus weighs 1-1 1/4 pound. Its eyes become fully developed, and it can start to hear voices and noise outside of the womb. The mom can feel strong movements and kicking in this month. She'll gain about 10-12 lbs.
  • Seventh Month

    Seventh Month
    Short: Baby is at 28th week of development.
    Long:The fetus is now about 13 inches long. It practices crying, grasping, swimming, and opening its eyes in this month. Its brain and lungs become fully developed. The mom has a very large stomach, may have shortness of breath and round ligament pain in this month.
  • Eighth Month

    Eighth Month
    Short: Baby is at the 32nd week of development.
    Long:The baby will grow 2-3 lbs in this month! Its head should move into the pelvic area and move positions. The mom will experience back aches, leg pains, round ligament pain and may also gain 18-20 lbs.
  • Ninth Month

    Ninth Month
    Short: The fetus is at the 40th week of development.
    Long:The baby is 14-15 inches long, and is gaining about 1/2 lb a week. It starts to get antibodies from the mom. For the mom, she'll likely waddle and have false labor pains. The baby is born roughly 280 days after conception.
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    First Trimester.

    Short: From conception until 12th week.
    Long: The mom is very sick in this trimester, she starts to gain weight and is tired. The baby has just begun to grow, is developing organs and increasing slowly in weight and length.
    Interesting facts: You can hear the heartbeat, all the organs work, and it practices swallowing.
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    Second Trimester

    Short: 12th week until 24th week.
    Long: The mothers size and weight increase fast. This is the most comfortable trimester for the mom, she begins to feel better. The baby starts to move and sleep in this stage. It grows quickly, and can start to hear.
    Interesting faces:The baby moves, fingerprints, this is the most comfortable point in the pregnancy.
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    Third Trimester

    Short: 24th week until 40th week. (birth)
    Long: This is the trimester where the mom grows in size and gains a lot of weight. The baby is becoming very large as well, and can cause the mother to have a lot of different pains. The baby gets prepared to be, and is born in this stage.
    Interesting facts: They acquire antibodies.They practice crying in the womb. They are born in this trimester.