PACT Timeline

Timeline created by misskatebaker
  • Benchmark 1 for Science CAT

    Strand, topic and draft of learning objectives due.
  • Reading for Science

    Chapter 8 in Marzano must be completed along with journal prompt "Would Anyone Notice if I Never Set Learning Objectives?"
  • Timeline for PACT

    Timeline for PACT and Science CAT must be submitted by 8 pm via BB.
  • Review of Science lesson Plan

    Have Ms. Smart look over and approve 5 senses lesson plan, make changes as needed.
  • Context for Learning & Permission Slips

    Print and begin filling out Context for Learning. Print Permission Slips.
  • Anecdotal Observation by Ms. Smart & Permission Slips

    Formal lesson plan for Science: Intro to the 5 senses complete and rehearsed. Pass out permission slips.
  • Context for Learning

    Continue filling it out.
  • Context for Learning

    Continue working on Context for Learning
  • Context for Learning

    Finish draft of Context for Learning
  • Context for Learning

    Draft for Context for Learning must be sumbitted on BB by 8 pm
  • Permission Slips & Draft of Task 2

    Completed permission slips due! Bring draft of Task 2 to class
  • E Supervison

    First posting on E Supervision due by 9 pm
  • Benchmark 2 for Science CAT

    Instructional activities for Science CAT due!
  • Task 2

    Task 2 (Planning) due on BB by 8 pm
  • Classmate Responses

    3 Responses to classmates posts due by 9 pm
  • Journal Reflections Part 1

    All journal reflections must be typed and completed for first half of semester.
  • Art & PE

    Bring ideas for Art and PE lesson plans
  • Benchmark 3 for Science CAT

    Topic: Lesson sequence & justification due!!
  • Posting

    First posting on DB#2 due by 9 pm
  • Task 3

    Bring Task 3 for peer review including videos – if you have a laptop bring it
  • Online Posts

    3 responses to classmates’ posts due by 9 pm
  • Science CAT

    Begin Commentary!!!
  • Task 3 and Task 4

    Assessment (Task 4) draft for peer discussion
    Task 3 submitted on BB
  • Science CAT

    Continue Commentary!!
  • Science CAT

    Continue Commentary
  • Science CAT

    Continue Commentary
  • Science CAT

    Finish CAT Commentary!!!!!!
  • Science CAT

    Edit Science CAT
  • Science CAT

  • Teaching Event

    Select video clip and devlope an editing plan.
  • Task 4 & Task 5

    Assessment (Task 4) draft submitted on BB by 8 pm
    Bring draft of task 5 for peer review
    Bring examples of how you showed evidence of addressing AL in your teaching event
  • Teaching Event

    Start editing video clip
  • Teaching Event

    Video clip should be edited and complete!!!
  • Teaching Event

    Begin Commentary!!!
  • Teaching Event

    Continue Commentary!!!
  • Task 5

    Task 5 submitted to BB
  • Teaching Event

  • Teaching Event

  • Teaching Event

    Finish Commentary!!!
  • Teaching Event

    Edit PACT!!!

    Complete and submit Teaching Event!!!

  • Thanksgiving!!!


  • Moon Journals

    Moon journals must be sumitted!!
  • Last day of Class!!

    Art and PE lesson plans submitted on BB by 9 pm
    Resumes due on BB by 9 pm
    Be prepared with questions for the panel
  • Journal Reflections Part II

    All journal reflections must be typed and submitted for second half of semester.
  • Period: to


  • Period: to


    Videotaping teaching event!!!