P6 English Homework: Week 39 - Language Arts/ Unit: Famous Person Timeline - Abraham Lincoln

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Abraham%20lincoln's%20first%20house%20 %202011 05 25%20at%208.02.41%20pm Abraham Lincoln is Born! Abraham Lincoln is born! He was born in Kentucky, in a one-room cabin built with logs. His father was Thomas Lincoln and his mother was Nancy Franks. He was an American.
Knob%20creek%20 %20abraham%20lincoln's%20second%20home Abraham Lincoln Moves to Knob Creek Abraham Lincoln's second home was close to the Cumberland Trail. He saw peddlers, pioneers, politicians, traders, slaves, etc. on the trail. When he grew older, he talked to some of people and learnt about the world. He had lots of ideas, asked many questions and had interesting dreams about the outside world.
Nancy%20lincoln's%20grave Abraham Lincoln's Mother Dies of Milk Sickness Abraham Lincoln's mother died of milk sickness. She was buried in Gentryville, Spencer County, Indiana in a pioneer cemetry. Nancy was just 34 years old when she died. Abraham was not yet 10 and his sister was just 2 years older.
Abraham%20lincoln's%20stepmother%20 %20sarah%20bush%20johnston Abraham Lincoln's Father Marries His Stepmother Abraham Lincoln's stepmother was Sarah Bush Johnston. She was an old friend of Thomas Lincoln and had 3 children of her own.
Timeline Abraham Lincoln's Sister Dies At Childbirth Abraham Lincoln's sister Sarah Lincoln married a neighbour Aaron Grigsby. She died giving birth to her first child.
No%20slavery%20clipart Abraham Lincoln Opposes to Slavery Abraham Lincoln says "No!' to slavery. He was 1 of the 6 out of 83 votes that didn't want slavery to continue. It was a brave move to do, because being identified as a abolitionist could ruin his whole political career.
Young%20abraham%20lincoln%20sketch Abraham Lincoln can Officially Practice Law Abraham Lincoln can officially practice law.
Mary%20todd Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd Are Married Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd were born in 2 very different homes. One from a wealthy family who owned slaves, another from a poor family. But they had many same ways, which led to the marriage. They, for example, had both lost their mothers at an early age.
Timeline Abraham Lincoln's Second Son Dies Abraham Lincoln's second son, Edward Baker dies. He probably died of tuberculosis, a diesease caused by bacteria that harm the body's organs. Edward died before the age of 4and his death made Mary quite moody. Mary would be terribly angry at puny things and Abraham had to leave the house while she had these outbursts until she had calmed down.
Thomas%20lincoln Abraham Lincoln's Father Dies Abraham Lincoln's dad, Thomas Lincoln, dies. Abraham Lincon didn't attend the funeral.
Screen%20shot%202011 05 26%20at%208.57.22%20pm Abraham Lincoln is Formally a U.S. President Abraham Lincoln was formally U.S. preident on this day. He was the 16th president and was president for 2 terms, also 8 years.
Screen%20shot%202011 05 25%20at%208.30.04%20pm Abraham Lincoln is Dead :( Abraham Lincoln died in Washington D.C. He died just as The Civil War was ending. A angry man shot him and killed him.
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Abraham Lincoln's Lifetime Abraham Lincoln is one of my most respected person. He died at the age of 56.
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