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Old Yeller

Timeline created by emilycngms in History
Event Date: Event Title: Event Description:
Timeline small square Abraham Lincoln was elected president He was president during the Civil War
Lm small square Attack on Fort Sumter Off the coast of Charleston first battle of the Civil War
7c8b2829 ec9c 3e52 869e 49bed9588883 small square First Battle of Bull Run Nicknamed "Stonewall'
Thcau8gl8y small square Homestead Act Signed by Abraham Lincoln
Thcai4wys2 small square The Emancipation Proclamation is signed Abraham Lincoln signed it
Thca6r8c1x small square Abraham Lincoln signs the first national Conscription Act Requires males from ages 20-45 to register for service in the army. The act allows males to purchase substitutes to take their place for $300.
Thca5a9nr5 small square Thirteenth Amendment Abolishment of slavery
Abraham lincoln shooting small square Abraham Lincoln dies Killed by John Wilkes Booth at Ford's theater while watching Our Ameriacn Cousin
Thca538l03 small square First apperence of the 5 cent coin Later called the nickel
Thcaw233hl small square Union Pacific - Central Pacific Trans Continental Railroad finished They meet in Promontory Point, Utah
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Old Yeller Website used to fing information for the timelineOld Yeller took place in the 1860s.