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Liberating%20the%20nhs%20cover White Paper published White Paper published just two months after the Tory-Lib Dem coalition took office.
GP newspaper coverage:
White Paper negotiations begin
How the NHS reacted
Unison Unison takes legal action Health union Unison tries to take legal action over reforms carried out before consultation ended.
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Meldrum BMA response to White Paper The BMA response to the White Paper warns of PCT ‘implosion’ and says GPs should not lose contracts if consortia fail, but pledges ‘critical engagement’, not outright opposition to NHS reforms.
Rcgplogo RCGP response to White Paper RCGP response to White Paper expresses ‘major concerns’. Click here to read the full article
Liberating%20the%20nhs%20cover White Paper consultation ends NHS bodies including the BMA respond to the NHS White Paper. GP coverage:
BMA demands GP contract protection

Full NHS reaction to reforms
Field 393 Professor Steve Field backs reforms Then RCGP chairman Professor Steve Field hails White Paper as ‘once-in-a-lifetime chance’ for GPs to regain clinical control of the NHS.
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Claregeradarcgp Dr Gerada warns of reform danger Dr Clare Gerada takes over as RCGP chairwoman and speaks out strongly about dangers of the NHS reforms. Click here to read the full story
Map First wave of 52 GP consortia ‘pathfinders’ announced First wave of 52 GP consortia become ‘pathfinders’ Click here to see the first wave of GP consortia
Cash DoH reveals GP consortia funding details NHS operating framework pledges £25 to £35 per patient funding for consortia running costs by 2014/15 and plans to move PCTs into clusters. DoH response to White Paper consultation. Click here to read the full article
Dohsignage1mgore Health Bill unveiled Health Bill published. GP coverage:
Reaction from NHS organisations
Video interview with Dr Clare Gerada
Consortia may struggle
Claregeradarcgp GPs oppose reform RCGP poll finds 61% of GPs oppose DoH’s NHS reforms Click here to read the full story
Colin thome Former primary care czar backs reforms Consortia can revive 'corpse' of practice-based commissioning, says Dr David Colin-Thomé
Hamish meldrum1 Meldrum under pressure Predictions that BMA chairman Dr Hamish Meldrum could be forced to quit amid anger among doctors that BMA response to NHS reforms has been too weak. U-turn on government plans to privatise England’s forests linked to possibility that same could happen with NHS reform Click here to read the full article
James kingsland Second wave of GP consortia pathfinders Details of the next wave of consortia to gain pathfinder status Click here to read the full article View the interactive map here
Lansley new Third wave of GP consortia pathfinders A number of consortia from the second wave have now merged, meaning the total number of pathfinder consortia is now 177. Click here to read the full article
Paul burstow Liberal Democrat revolt Pressure builds on NHS reforms as Liberal Democrat conference demands local councillors on consortia boards, measures to prevent private firms ‘cherry-picking’ services. Click here to read the full article
Video1 BMA emergency meeting BMA special representative meeting rejects vote of no confidence in Andrew Lansley, but calls for Health Bill to be withdrawn. Click here to watch video from the event
Rap Andrew Lansley rap Andrew Lansley Rap takes YouTube by storm and threatens to top charts. Click here to watch Lansley rap
Map2 Fourth wave of consortia pathfinders Fourth wave of pathfinder con-sortia brings total number to 220 and coverage of England to 90% of population Click here to see the map of 220 GP consortia
Lansley1 Listening exercise launched Andrew Lansley announces ‘listening exercise’ – a pause in Health Bill progress through parliament. Former RCGP chairman Professor Steve Field appointed chair of NHS Future Forum to lead the exercise.
Lansley2 Lansley no confidence vote Nurses at Royal College of Nursing congress vote 96% no confidence in Andrew Lansley Click here to read the full article
Nick clegg Election wipeout for Liberals Liberal Democrat councils wiped out in local elections. Senior party members set out tougher stance on NHS change. Click here to read the full article
Andrew lansley news Lansley pledges Bill changes Lansley tells House of Commons the Health Bill will be changed substantially. Click here to watch the House of Commons debate
Cam PM pledges NHS integration Prime minister warns not changing the NHS is not an option, but promises to tone down any willing provider policy and create mechanism to promote integration of NHS services despite competition. Click here to read the full article
Nick clegg NHS competition challenged GP leaders believe they are 'clearly starting to win the argument' on NHS reform after deputy prime minister Nick Clegg challenged plans to drive up competition in the NHS. Read the full story here
Lansley1 Lansley defends Monitor role Health Secretary Andrew Lansley has defended the Health Bill's inclusion of a role for Monitor in promoting competition. Read the full story here
Hop cdp Health Bill delayed The Health Bill could be sent back to the House of Commons for further scrutiny following the listening exercise, the health secretary has admitted. Read the full story here
Liberating%20the%20nhs%20cover Health Bill delayed further Nick Clegg says amended Health Bill will need to be sent back to in the House of Commons for further scrutiny. Click here to read the full story.
Lans1 NHS faces crisis without reforms Andrew Lansley said the NHS will be in ‘crisis’ if the financial challenges facing it are not dealt with immediately. Click here to read the full article
Femalegp How will the Health Bill be changed? Pressure has been building for changes to the Health Bill since the government said on 4 April that its progress through parliament would 'pause' while a listening exercise took place. Click here to read the full article
Owen Health Bill will 'kill modern medicine' The best of Hippocratic medicine will 'die' if Health Bill reforms are implemented, Liberal Democrat peer Lord Owen has warned. Read the article here
Cam Monitor must support integration Monitor will have a duty to support integration of services and will be helped in this role by 'clinical senates', David Cameron has announced.
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Future NHS Future Forum - key points The long-awaited NHS Future Forum report has been published, suggesting radical changes to the government's plans to reform the NHS.
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Timeline1 Government response to Future Forum Read the full story hereThe government has accepted the core recommendations of the NHS Future Forum report on its health reforms and will now re-commit parts of the Health Bill for debate in the House of Commons.
Timeline GP consortia plans dubbed 'unworkable' GPs warn health secretary Andrew Lansley that plans to force consortia to appoint nurse and hospital doctor board members from outside their local area are unworkable.
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Carcrash Milburn: 'car crash' NHS reforms Labour MP Alan Milburn has attacked NHS reforms, saying they give less power to GPs and will result in 'patchwork quilt of decision-making'.
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Timeline Quality premium removed from Health Bill NHS chief executive David Nicholson announces proposals to hand commissioning groups 'quality premium' incentives have been removed from the Health Bill.
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Timeline Government updates timetable for NHS reform The government reveals its updated timetable for its NHS reform programme as it begins to drive through a number of changes to the plans. In its full response to the NHS Future Forum’s recommendations the government says it aims to strike a balance between maintaining momentum and allowing more time to recognise that some organisations may not be ready to take on their full responsibilities on the current timetable.
Timeline Reform red tape could hinder commissioning benefits Dr Johnny Marshall said the NHS reform changes introduced following the government’s listening exercise must be handled carefully to ensure clinical commissioning groups, formerly GP consortia, do not just ‘recreate PCTs’. He warned that the plans to require GPs to consult with a number of professionals, including clinical senates, could slow commissioning decisions. Read the full article here
41percent Consortia could merge Consortia controlling billions of pounds in NHS funding could be forced to merge or rethink their commissioning plans after the DoH response to the listening exercise, GPs have warned. Responses from 99 PCTs under the Freedom of Information Act show that 41% of GP consortia control PCT budgets. County Durham and Darlington consortium chairman Dr Stewart Findlay said: ‘I’m concerned that regional clinical senates may think consortia have to be bigger to work.' Read the full story here
Timeline Pension reform anger forecast The number of ARM motions concerning pensions this year is 'unprecedented', according to the BMA's pensions committee chairman. Read the full article here
Norman lamb 'Health Bill to sail through parliament' Norman Lamb says updated Bill has been well received by Liberal Democrat MPs. Read the full article here
Glackin BMA votes for Health Bill withdrawal GPs vote for the BMA to continue to campaign for the Health Bill's withdrawal. Read the full article here
Dr%20claire%20gerada98 Video: RCGP Health Bill warning Dr Clare Gerada says the Health Bill is a straitjacket on the NHS in an exclusive video interview. GP's deputy editor's blog warns that the government must not railroad its reforms through parliament.
Roger%20boyle Heart czar quits over Health Bill DoH heart czar Roger Boyle says the government's NHS reforms are a key factor in his decision to stand down.
Nicholson NHS board plans leaked Leaked board papers reveal the colossal scale of the NHS Commissioning Board being set up to oversee the revamped health service.
Infographic GP graphic maps the new NHS GP's infographic maps how the NHS will work under the DoH reforms, after the government's response to the listening exercise.
Phil%20hunt Peers set out Health Bill priorities When the Health BIll heads to the House of Lords, peers will demand greater accountability for GP commissioners and may hand health and wellbeing boards greater powers, according to Lord Hunt (pictured).
Lansley1 Fifth wave of commissioning groups revealed Health secretary Andrew Lansley unveils a fifth wave of pathfinder commissioning groups, taking the total to 257. Visit GPonline's commissioning map.
Barb%20hakin DoH czar: all GPs are commissioners Watch GPonline's exclusive video interview with Dr Barbara Hakin, DoH czar for commissioning. Dr Hakin says the current NHS reforms will have a greater impact on GPs than any previous reorganisation during her NHS career.
Protest London GPs protest over NHS reforms Heavy rain didn't stop a group of 60 NHS professionals including GPs in east London from coming out to protest about NHS cuts and the Health Bill.
Beth GPC will 'lobby like mad' for Health Bill amendments The GPC want the Health Bill amended as there remains a 'great discomfort' in the profession around 'large elements' of it. Read the full article here
Singer Petition on accurate Bill backing A petition has been launched against the government's claim that clinical commissioning sign-up is an indication of GP support for the reforms. Click here to read the full story
Healey Labour highlights NHS competition fears Monitor's duty to promote competition has not been sufficiently altered by Health Bill amendments, Labour has warned. Read the full story here
Housesofp Warning on the risks of NHS reforms 'Wake up' to risks of NHS reforms before too late, says Lib Dem MP Read the full story here
Steve field GPs to help lead NHS Future Forum GPs will sit in key positions on the NHS Future Forum's four ongoing workstreams Read the full article here
Lans1 Lansley's role may change The health secretary will be able to 'wash his hands' of the NHS if the Health Bill becomes law, legal experts have warned. Read the full article here
Healey GP Consortia to CCGs Most amendments to the Health Bill are concerned with changing the name GP 'consortia' to 'clinical commissioning groups' Read the full article here
Stevefield Future Forum's ongoing work Professor Field: 'Getting the policy right at this stage gives us a chance to genuinely improve the care the NHS delivers.' Read the full article here
Hop cdp Lords may still scrap Health Bill As MPs prepared for a final debate on the Health Bill, a news analysis by GPonline warns that it still has a long way to go to pass through parliament. It could yet be derailed in the House of Lords.
Meldrum GPs warn Bill destabilises NHS Leaders of the BMA, RCGP and other health organisations set out their opposition to the Health Bill ahead of key debates in the House of Commons.
Liberating%20the%20nhs%20cover MPs set to back Health Bill Labour peer predicts MPs will vote in favour of the government's Health Bill following debates in the House of Commons.
Deborahcolvin GP petition against Health Bill GPs in east London collected more than 4,000 signatures for a petition that demands the Health Bill is scrapped. Read the full story here
Lans1 Health Bill cuts DoH responsibility A House of Lords committee has warned that the Health Bill as it stands will transfer some of the health secretary's existing duties to clinical commissioning groups. Read the full story here
Lansley new Lansley: 'no regrets' over Health Bill Andrew Lansley told the Conservative party conference in Manchester that he has no regrets over his plans to reform the NHS.
0 0 393 http news pg ed54dd30 bc43 3073 f6126e9de039fbc7 GPs join NHS demonstration Up to 3,000 protesters took part in the 'block the bridge' protest, including many GPs. Click here to view more photos
Meldrum GPs to keep fighting Health Bill Health unions have pledged to continue to voice concerns and work for changes in the Health Bill after it survived a key vote in the House of Lords.
Hop cdp Lords vote 'Yes' on Health Bill The Health Bill passed its second reading in the House of Lords, as members rejected motions calling for it to be thrown out and for additional scrutiny by a special committee.
Lansley1 Lansley Health Bill 'concessions' Speaking at the RCGP conference in Liverpool, health secretary Andrew Lansley appeared to offer a series of concessions over practice boundaries, GP training, his own responsibilities and the any qualified provider policy.
Burnham Labour attacks 'suicide note' Health Bill Labour secures House of Commons debate on Health Bill, accusing prime minister David Cameron of breaking three pre-election pledges on the NHS.
Lans1 Video: Lansley on privatisation Watch GPs at the RCGP conference quiz Andrew Lansley on whether the Health Bill will lead to NHS privatisation.
Nicholson 'Quality premium' to go ahead The DoH is to press ahead with a bonus payment for successful commissioning groups despite opposition from the BMA.
Hop cdp MPs call for accurate NHS funds Report from House of Commons public accounts committee warns that funding for commissioning groups must be based on more robust data than PCT allocations.
Mccarron%20nash CCG board elections 'rigged' PCT clusters have too much control over who is selected to run clinical commissioning groups, the GPC has warned.
Dohsignage1mgore DH withholds Bill risk analysis The DH has refused to comply with a request from the Information Commissioner to publish a risk assessment revealing potential problems with the NHS reforms.
Meldrum BMA warns NHS in chaos The BMA warned that the pace and incoherence of NHS reforms has put patients at risk.
Hamish meldrum1 CCGs face unfair PCT pressure GP leaders warn that clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) face unfair pressure from PCT clusters on who they take commissioning advice from, when they seek authorisation and even which services they choose to buy.
Rcgplogo Fresh RCGP poll on Health Bill The RCGP launches a poll to assess GPs' views on the Health Bill, asking whether the College should demand the Bill be withdrawn. Previous RCGP polls have shown strong opposition to the Bill among GPs.
Burnham Variation in pay for commissioners Rates of pay for GP commissioners vary from less than £50 per hour to more than £100 an hour in different parts of England, a [freedom of information request from the Labour Party](Freedom of information request from Labour Party finds r) reveals.
Dr%20claire%20gerada98 98% of GPs back Bill withdrawal RCGP poll finds that 98% of GPs would back the College if it joined other royal colleges in calling for the withdrawal of the Health Bill.
Steve field Video: Field on Future Forum plans In an exclusive video interview, NHS Future Forum chairman Professor Steve Field tells GP how primary care must modernise as part of the NHS reforms.
Vautrey EU 'legal trap' for GP groups GPC leaders warn GPs in commissioning groups that EU rules will plunge them into a 'bureaucratic nightmare, forcing them to put all services they commission out to tender.
Peter%20carter Nurses join Health Bill opponents The Royal College of Nursing alters its stance on the Health Bill, moving to opposing the Bill in its entirety.
Kingsland Video: DH adviser backs small CCGs DH clinical commissioning network lead for England Dr James Kingsland defends his CCG after it received a 'red' rating in a risk assessment, and says GP commissioners can fight back against pressure from managers.
Hop cdp MPs warn of NHS 'salami-slicing' House of Commons health select committee warns NHS organisations are salami-slicing existing services instead of genuinely seeking to reform them in drive for £20bn Nicholson savings target.
Housesofp Health Bill amendments do not go far enough The government has published amendments to the Health Bill which focus on greater patient involvement and increased responsibilities for the health secretary and CCGs.
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Rcgplogo RCGP demands withdrawal of Health Bill The RCGP has written to prime minister David Cameron demanding the complete withdrawal of the Health Bill. Read the full story here
Lans1 Calls for Lansley to quit BMA leaders call for Lansley to quit as Lords prepare to debate reforms
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Chand e-petition to scrap Health Bill GP's e-petition to scrap Health Bill 'best supported yet' Read the full story here
Housesofp Health Bill 'threat to GP-led care' GP warns Health Bill threatens ability to oversee patient care Read the full story here
Singer VIDEO: GP confronts Lansley Medical Practitioner's Union president Dr Ron Singer confronted health secretary Andrew Lansley as he visited a London hospital and demanded he drop his 'rubbish' Health Bill.
Dr%20claire%20gerada98 RCGP chair urges Lords to drop Bill RCGP chairwoman Dr Clare Gerada sets out her views in a guest editorial for GP magazine, calling on the House of Lords to throw out the Health Bill.
Lans1 Lansley rejects Health Bill lottery fear Health secretary Andrew Lansley writes to GP magazine to counter claims from an NHS adviser that the Health Bill reforms will deepen inequalities in access to drugs for patients.
Health%20bill%20protest%20pic GPs join anti-Health Bill march GPs join protest as thousands of NHS staff march on parliament in protest over Health Bill.
Charles%20west Lib Dem conference blow to Bill Liberal Democrat spring conference throws out motion calling for peers to support the Health Bill ahead of a vote in the House of Lords, following campaigning by activists including GP Dr Charles West.
Stevefield NHS constitution will check Bill impact NHS Future Forum chairman Professor Steve Field claims the NHS Constitution will stop the Health Bill creating postcode lotteries.
Chand MPs reject GP's e-petition The House of Commons rejected calls for the Health Bill to be scrapped after an e-petition set up by Manchester GP Dr Kailash Chand forced a debate.
Owen Lord Owen: 'Make risk register public' Crossbench peer and former health secretary Lord Owen demands a halt in the Health Bill's passage through parliament until the government publishes the 'risk register' document setting out potential problems the reforms may cause.
Hop cdp GPs react as Bill clears Lords GPs are split over what it means for the profession as the Health Bill completes its passage through the House of Lords ahead of a final Commons debate.
Charles%20alessi NAPC: 'NHS will back reforms' National Association of Primary Care chairman Dr Charles Alessi sets out his belief that health professionals and NHS organisations will put aside their differences and work together to make the Health Bill reforms a success.
Lansley2 Health Bill set to become law Health Bill clears its final parliamentary hurdle and is set to receive royal assent by Easter.
Dohsignage1mgore Draft risk register leaked Clinical commissioning groups may go bust, GPs may be ill-prepared to take on commissioning roles, and GP contract negotiations may be undermined if the Health Bill becomes law, a leaked draft of a risk register on NHS reform reveals.
Bucks%20palace Health Bill receives royal assent Health Bill becomes an Act as it receives royal assent ahead of Easter parliamentary recess.