My Year of Writing (6th grade)

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  • Beginning of school year

    I felt that writing was a good thing for me. I know that some people don't like writing and I don't get why they don't like writing. I love the way that you can express what you want to do or what you have done through a piece of writing. You can express anything through wriitng. I thought that I was a okay writer and I thought I could impriove. I think that writing is amazing.
  • Holiday Break

    By this break during my 6th grade year, I had written a long chapter book, a few poems, a couple memiors, and my research/persuasive paper. I think that I had grown as a writer. I had learned so much about what I needed help with and I fixed that so then I could be a better writer. Right now I think that my first chapter book this year could've been way better. I think that I improved on describing and my word choice. I think that I am a way better writer than I was then. But I kept writing(:
  • 3rd Quarter (Make a Difference Fair)

    That you need to use facts and you need to make the reader feel the emotion about the topic so then they will donate or volunteer or do something about what you wrote. I think that my writing did change because I finally felt emotion so then I could put that in my writing. It changed me as a person to think that something/someone is getting hurt and I think that my emotion actually came out in my writing and in me as a person. (:
  • End of 6th Grade

    I didn't really think that I was good a poetry and I like to feel good about what I write and I didn't write poetry a lot because I didn't think I was good at it. My feelings have changed...I have written a lot of poems and I think that I am a pretty good poet. I thought that poetry had to rhyme and it had to be descriptive. I have written longer and more writing. I have gotten better as a writer so much this year, evem by adding a little thing. (:
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