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Cybraryman Signed on to Twitter I joined Twitter but did not do anything at this time. It was not until the Summer that I took the Twitter plunge.
Timeline Started lurking on Twitter looking for education After trying Facebook and not having too much success with education I decided to try Twitter
Mypln1 750 followers
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Mypln1 3,000 followers Building a PLN
Cybraryman2a Opening Address #ntcamp Opening Address #ntcamp in Philadelphia
Timeline Skype Session for #kss10 Las Vegas, Nevada
Cybraryman2a Guest Moderator #ntchat #ntchat
Energykids Skyped Writing Presentation Van Meter, Iowa Not sure of exact date.
Edchat Moderator #edchat #EdChat
Energykids Skyped Writing Presentation via Skype - Omaha, Nebraska Authors via Skype
Timeline Skyped into Ed Admin Class - Iowa John Carver, Superintendent of Van Meter asked me talk with his ed leadership class. Not sure of exact date
Mypln1 4,000 followers 4,000 followers
Edchat Moderator #edchat Co-Moderator #edchat
Timeline Skype Session - TeachMeet Memphis Skype Session - TeachMeet Memphis
Edchat Moderator #edchat
Energykids Skyped Writing Presentation with Connecticut Class
Timeline Skype Session with Ohio Librarians
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Edchat Moderator of #edchat
Citrus3 Opening Address #edcampCitrus
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Edchat Moderator of #edchat
Edchat Moderator #edchat
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Tmga2 Opening Address TeachMeetGA
Tmga2 Welcoming Address TeachMeetGA
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Energykids Skyped writing presentation to class in Georgia Authors
Edchat Moderated #edchat
Energykids Skyped into 3rd grade classes in Inverness, FL with my writing presentation
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Mypln1 6,000 followers
Timeline Moderator of #engsschat
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Edchat #edchat Moderator
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Timeline Skyped into Preservice Class Kansas Evaluating Websites
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Energykids Writing presentation Amesbury, MA
Edchat #edchat Moderator
Edchat #edchat Moderator
Edcampbhamlogo1 Keynote Address #edcampbham Opening Address
Panelist: PLN session
Panelist: #edchat session
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Gtchat #gtchat Moderator
Edchat #edchat Moderator
Gail Cybrary Man and wife Read to 2nd graders Van Meter, Iowa
Edchat Moderated both #edchats
Energykids Skyped into 4th Grade Class in Louisiana
Mypln1 7,000 PLN Members Wow! I have a great PLN
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Edchat Moderated #edchat
Edchat Moderator of #edchat
Timeline Guest on Math Future Webinar Cybrary Man on Math Future
Social2 #sschat Moderator With Becky Ellis Cross Curricular chat
Edchat #edchat Moderator
Edchat Ed Chat Moderator
Iste Skyped into ISTE11 #edchat
Edchat Ed Chat Moderator
Mypln1 8,000 followers on my PLN
Edchat #edchat Moderator Both chats
Edchat #edchat Moderator on both chats
Tmga2 #mbstech Skyped in PLN talk Mountain Brook Schools, Mountain Brook, Alabama Technology Conference
Openingsessionntcamp1 Opening Address #ntcamp Philadelphia Also helped set up and in sessions
Edchat #edchat Moderator
Edchat #edchat Moderator
Mypln1 9,000 followers
Edchat #edchat Moderator Both chats
Timeline Skype - Connecticut - Digital Citizenship
Edchat #edchat Moderator Both chats
Timeline Moderator of #engsschat Common Core
Edchat #edchat Moderator
Edchat edchat Moderator 9/13/2011 - 1800CET, 12PM - How do the designs of classroom/learning spaces impact student learning? (Solo) 9/13/2011 - 7PM - Is a school policy requiring homework in the best interest of the students? What is appropriate for a homework assignment?
Edcamp space coast logo Skyped with Organizers of edcampscfl Enjoyed answering questions and giving suggestions for the organizers of EdCamp Space Coast
Edchat #edchat Moderator 9/20/2011 - 1800CET, 12PM - Can educators in the 21st Century be content experts, but media illiterate & still be relevant? 9/20/2011 - 7PM - What are the positives & negatives of one-to-one laptops in any educational setting?
Timeline Organized joint #tichat #sschat Topic: Technology Integration in Social Studies
Edchat edchat Moderator 9/27/2011 - 1800CET, 12PM - What specific things can teachers do to promote creation of content by students? 9/27/2011 - 7PM - Many educators are calling for emphasis on teaching 21st Century skills. What are they and why should we teach them?
Edchat #edchat Moderator 10/4/2011 - 1800CET, 12PM - How can Educators deal with the poverty and culture gaps that have such a devastating effect on standardized test scores? 10/4/2011 - 7PM - If educators were to direct the focus of education reform, what should a realistic, doable, and immediate focus be?
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Edchat #edchat Moderator 10/11/2011 - 1800CET, 12PM - How does giving students more control of their education affect the quality of the education? 10/11/2011 7PM - With its success in the area of Math, is the “flipped classroom” really a good option for all teaching and learning?
Edcamp space coast logo Opening Address #edcampSCFL edcampSCFL Melbourne, FL
Also session with Susan Bearden - Twitter is Terrific
Edcampcitrus edcampCitrus Twitter is Terrific Session with Susan Bearden - Twitter is Terrific
Edchat #edchat Moderator 10/18/2011 - 1800CET, 12PM - What forms of formative assessment do you use, and do you grade them for the overall average? (with assist from my wife Gail) 10/18/2011 - 7PM - What are the specific ways that students can create content for student centered learning?
Edchat #edchat Moderator 10/25/2011 - 1800CET, 12PM - What are specific things we can do to involve parents in the education of their children 10/25/2011 - 7PM - BYOD is bring your own device, referring to mobile devices.What are the positives and negatives of this as a strategy for tech in education?
Edchat #edchat Moderator 11/1/2011 - Noon - Is the rift often found between IT people and classroom teachers a real issue? How do we address this issue? 11/1/2011 - 7PM - How important are school administrators? Is it possible to have good schools without administrators? What part does leadership play in student learning?
Edchat #edchat 11/8/2011 - Noon - What are the advantages/disadvantages of edcamps/TeachMeets vs traditional PD? 11/8/2011 - 7PM - How much should educators be allowed to determine their own professional development?
Edchat edchat Moderator
Edchat edchat Moderator 11/22/2011 - Noon - Will the idea of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) help or hinder education? 11/22/2011 - 7PM - What is it that educators are supposed to be preparing kids for?
Mypln1 11,000 Followers
Image 36 TeachCast Podcast TeachCast podcast with Jeff Bradbury, Chris Hoovler, Nick Provenxano (nerdyteacher) and me
Edchat edchat Moderator Both chats. Evening chat only full time moderator
Histor1 Opening Address #sschat NCSS session NCSS - National Council for the Social Studies in Washington, DC
Edchat #edchat Moderator 12/6/2011 -Noon - What changes could be made to the present management structure of ed to make it more effective for educators? 12/6/2011 - 7PM - What are the current trends that may last, compared to the fads that will fade in honest Ed Reform today?
Image 36 TeacherCast on EdCamps With Dan Callahan, Kim Sivick, Kathy Perrett
Timeline Moderated #engsschat Argumentative Essay
Edchat #edchats Moderator What are the positives and negatives of having limited technology in schools? What is the purpose of education now and going forward?
Edchat #edchat Moderator Connected educators are benefiting from being connected to others every day. How do we involve others in the importance of connecting? How are "Best Practices" defined, and how do we use them to improve the effect of teachers?
Edchat #edchat Moderator Which should we support first for the best result? A reform in student learning (teaching methods), or a reform in teacher learning (PD). What are the best methods for changing students from content consumers to content creators?
Energykids Writing Presentation - Canada Enjoyed the writing presentation with @Grade1 and her class in Ancaster, Canada
Edchat #edchat Moderator How do we consider time differently to rebuild school schedules and calendars to maximize learning? How do educators collaborate within a bldg to better their prof. practice? What would make such collaboration easier/better?
Energykids Writing Presentation - Philly Skyped into several first grade classes who were wonderful. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Timeline instaGrok Had a nice discussion with the developers of this amazing new chat
Edchat #edchat Moderator What should a report card look like to provide information to parents? (Solo moderator) What can educators expect in regard to education reform with the introduction of interactive digital textbooks?
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Edchat #edchat Moderator Depending on whose research we read, class size does or doesn't matter. Why does class size matter to you? How necessary is homework for student learning?
Edchat #EdChat Moderation What does your District/School do to provide relevant professional development for you & your colleagues? Do the positives outweigh the negatives of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)?
Energykids Writing Presentation in New Jersey Skyped into 3/4th grade class in New Jersey
Edchat EdChat Moderator What would be a better alternative to present leadership hierarchy in public ed? Supt-Prin-Dept Chair etc. How could we change our education programs and student teaching to better serve our profession?
Mypln1 Skyped with MS teachers Inverness FL PLN
Energykids Writing Presentation - Honduras Via Skype had a wonderful session with 9th & 10th graders in Honduras
Timeline #engsschat Moderator Common Core
Edchat #edchat Moderator How can we encourage critical thinking about technology use in schools? How do teachers know when students are engaged in learning?
Edchat #edchat Moderator What specific changes have you made as an educator that are a direct result of SM involvement/being connected. What can educators do to ensure that their students are media literate?
Edchat #edchat Moderator With need to leave comfort zones for relevant Professional Development to take effect, should teachers continue to control their own learning for PD? Are we beginning to see decline of textbook with development of ebooks & open sources? Is this a positive/negative for EDU?
Infohio InfOhio Webinar PLN PLNs: Personal Learning & Sharing Networks, INFOhio webinar
Mypln1 13,000 followers
Timeline Joint #elemchat #sschat Organized joint #elemchat & #sschat for best ways to teach Social Studies in elementary grades
Edchat #edchat Moderator What would the result be if more districts made a serious attempt to give classroom teachers access to mainstream Education Conferences? (Solo) Does banning of YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter or any sites or apps, help or hinder learning in schools?
Timeline Skype with Knapp Elementary School Skyped with teachers at Knapp Elementary School in Lansdale, Pa. about Twitter.
Energykids Writing Presentation - California Skyped with 4th grade class Linda Yollis
Edchat EdChat Moderator As an educator, what are the best Twitter strategies you have discovered that help you use Twitter as a professional tool? What should the Education Software industry produce in terms of innovations to meet your needs as a teacher?
Image 36 Teacher Cast Podcast How to Teach Teachers
Topic 2. How to build a digital identity for Teachers and Students
Social1 Opening Remarks #edcampSS Philadelphia Also session with student Sharing Blitz SS Activities and Projects K12
Edchat #edchat Moderator What are the possibilities that open to us if we change observation model for teachers to a coaching model? What specifics should be included in a new model for professional development for teachers?
Stevejabtom1 #ascd12 TweetUp Philadelphia
Edchat #edchat Moderator We often discuss what a good teacher should look like. What should a good Administrator look like & how can we get there from here? If a school's culture has such a great effect on teachers & students, what can we do specifically to assess and improve it? #edchat
Energykids Writing Presentation - Texas Kindergarten Class
Edchat #edchat Moderator Since the introduction of social media into our culture, contact between teachers & students has been controversial. Your thoughts? What are the important skills that we are to be preparing students with for the future. Are our methods effectively working?
Edchat #EdChat Moderator If collaboration is high on everyone's list as a needed skill; how do we work it into every aspect of our education system? If it is the poverty gap that is the major force stalling improvement in the education system, how do we address that issue?
Timeline InnovatEducation Conference Skyped into InnovatEducation conference in Tennessee and talked about my website.
Energykids Skyped Writing Presentation Michigan 4th grade
Edchat #edchat Moderation What are better alternatives to connecting teacher-assessment to student performance on standardized tests? Is directing Public Education down a path of online learning in order to reduce costs a well-considered reform?
Timeline edcampBoston Sessions Twitter 101 - PLN
Urban Education
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Energykids Writing Presentation Falmouth In class writing presentation for third graders in Falmouth, Massachusetts
Timeline edcampNYC Skype session Skyped into edcampNYC to help give a Skype in the classroom session
Timeline Skyped into #dlog21 Skyped into St. Joseph's College in Connecticut to help do a session on Mystery Skype
Edchat #Edchat Moderator Most professional development in education is self-directed by teachers. Is that the most effective form of PD or is there a better way? Are we rushing into the Common Core w/o considering the sacrifice of creativity & appreciation of literature to benefit argumentation?
Edchat EdChat Moderator The Flipped Classroom is very evident in math. How can it specifically be applied to other subject areas? Social Media is here to stay. What uses of SM can we employ to strengthen or reform educ either as a teacher or professional?
Timeline Chosen as ISTE12 Newbie Project Honored to be chosen.
Timeline Google+ into #edcampPhilly Helped do a session on Skype in the Classroom
Edchat #edchat Moderator If tomorrow your school was told to go all digital by September, what would need to be done to make that happen? If you were to restructure and hire the leadership of a district, what would the leadership specifically look like in action & thought?
Energykids Writing Presentation 4th Grade Class in Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Timeline #engsschat Moderator
Energykids Writing Presentation Colorado Skyped into class in Colorado to do my writing presentation.
Edchat #edchat Moderator What specifically turns off students today to the most common methods of teaching? Topic: What is it that makes a school culture favor or disfavor technology as a tool for learning?
Timeline TeachMeet Nashville Sessions Skyped into TeachMeet Nashville May 31st One session on Building a PLN and other on Twitter Chats
Edchat #edchat Moderator What is a connected educator? How much time should an educator spend to be connected? If you were to prioritize things, what is the most significant challenge facing your district/school?
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Timeline Skyped into Linwood MS NJ Linwood Middle School, New Jersey – “Empowering Digital Creativity through Project Based Learning” mystery skype - Twitter - PLN
Edchat EdChat Moderator Is there any truth to the theory of Digital Natives or do we really need to teach kids about digital learning? If so, what? Let's talk about what makes a bad presentation and how it hurts learning. Is it the fault of tech or teacher?
Edchat Edchat Moderator With Test-Making now being a $Billion industry, what can reformers do to change the status of standardized tests? How do we make Dept & Faculty meetings less about info dispensing & more about meaningful education practice?
Image 36 TeacherCast Podcast ISTE12 Participated in this podcast on ISTE12 with newbies and veterans.
Istesign1 SocialEdCon Session Gave Media session with Susan Bearden along with Angela Maiers participating at SocialEdCon Using Social Media to build school/community relationships along with Social Media and Student Bullying
Istesign1 Twitter for Beginners Session Newbie Lounge with Kyle Calderwood
Istesign1 ISTE Unplugged Session - Twitter Session with Kyle Calderwood on Twitter near Blogger's Cafe in Sail's Pavilion
Istesign1 ISTE Unplugged Session - Twitter With Kyle Calderwood near Blogger's Cafe in Sails Pavilion
Istesign1 EdChat Moderator What does tech enable educators to do better. Does Tech affect pedagogy? ISTE12
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Edchat #EdChat Moderator What do we mean by the personalization of education & is it desirable & achievable today? As we enter connected ed month, what advantages are there to being a connected educator?
Edchat #EdChat Moderator Are digital portfolios a realistic alternative to grades for kids? What are the advantages & disadvantages? How do we teach Collection of information, Collaboration, Communication, and Creation in the setting of today's education system?
Timeline Skyped with Nikhil Goyal Nikhil is an outstanding young man and I totally enjoyed our conversation
Timeline Skyped into #plympln PLN Course in Plymouth, Massachusetts
Edchat #edchat Moderator How do we identify and deal with a toxic school culture? There has been a great deal of talk about personalizing education for all kids. What does that mean & what does it look like?
Edchat EdChat Moderator Has the idea of a Personal Learning Network made a significant difference for you, or is it a fad that will fade away? What specific things can Professional Education Organizations do to meet your needs as an educator?
Edchat #edchat Moderator With tech advancement & econ considerations what are the adv/disadv of doing away w/classroom in the future? What are your top 2 priorities for change in ed system that would have the most impact for moving forward & why?
Timeline Skyped with Lancaster, PA Teachers about Twitter
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Edchat #edchat Moderator
Image 36 TeacherCast Podcast QR Code - edcamps
Edchat #edchat Moderator Is homework helpful and practical or just a carry over from a bygone culture of 19th & 20th century education? What effect, if any, do blog posts, by either creating one or consuming them have on you as an educator, or as a learner?
Image 36 Mystery Guest -TeacherCast Podcast
Timeline Skyped with Teachers Howard-Winn Iowa
Energykids Skyped Writing Presentation - Missouri 6th grade Noel, Missouri
Edchat EdChat Moderator Putting idea of empty vessel to be filled aside What role, if any, should students play in their own education? How are the professional development programs now in place working effectively? How can they specifically be improved?
Timeline #ntchat Google+ Hangout Nice conversation with Lisa Dabbs, edubros and others.
Timeline Skyped with Middle School Teachers in Michigan Kim Powell organized this training
Edchat Ed Chat Moderator As a connected educator how have you changed in regard to methods and pedagogy as a result of your connections? How much say should we give our students in what and how they learn? How do we accomplish giving them any say in their learning?
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Timeline Skyped with college class in Oklahoma Toby Brown had me talk and answer questions with his class on incorporating tech into classes and PLNs.
Timeline Skyped with college class in Connecticut Marialice BFX Curran had me skype with her class about Science and Social Studies teaching and Twitter at Saint Joseph College in West Hartford, CT
Edchat #edchat Team Google Hangout
Timeline Skype with Judy Arzt St. Joseph College
Timeline Google Hangout #njedchat
Edchat #edchat Moderator What are specific changes that you have made in your teaching methods as a result of being a connected educator? How has you attitude about your profession been affected by recent events and public perceptions?
Edchat Skyped with Class in Australia Mount Scopus Primary in Melbourne
Edchat EdChat Moderator How do we involve parents in the struggle for real & positive reform in their children's education? If it the poverty gap that is the major force stalling improvement in the American education system, how do we address that issue?
Edchat #edchat Webinar with David Griffith Helped with this webinar as part of the #edchat team
Istesign1 Google Hangout with #4thchat members ISTE13
Edchat edchat Moderator What organization or individual should lead in education reform?
Iste13 #4thchat Google Hangout ISTE13 project
Jerry lecture pics final #engsschat Moderator PBL and Common Core
Edchat edchat Moderator How much of our lessons in education are Direct Instruction or lecture and is that the best use of the methods at hand to produce thinkers?
Iste13 Google Hangout #4thchat @ncarroll24
@powell4thgrade: @TeacherCast @cybraryman1 @wkrakower @plnaugle @MissBamberger @dandanscience
Iste13 Google Hangout #4thchat
Timeline Pioneer Chat Eric Simons Team Claco
Energykids Writing Presentation Connecticut Skype Mr. Sapia’s class Stamford, CT
Energykids Writing Presentation - Indiana Third Grade Classes
Iste13 Google Hangout ISTE 13 Kyle Calderwood Planning a proposal on Twitter and PLN with Kyle and Adam
Iste13 Google Hangout #4thchat ISTE13 Bill, Dan, Jessica, Kim, Paula, Jeff Missing: Nancy
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Edchat Ed Chat Moderator What is it that educators are supposed to be preparing kids for?
How do we define good Digital Citizenship, and what are specific things teachers can do to support that outcome for students?
Iste13 #4thchat ISTE13 Google Hangout
Tmky logo 2012 #TeachMeetKentucky Keynote Keynote: Recipes for Learning
Sessions on PLN, Twitter and Twitter Chats
Edchat edchat Moderator What are specific ways in which administrators can support teachers, & teachers can support administrators? How should we prepare educators & students for a system of blended learning which seems to be a mounting trend in education?
Googlehangout EdScape Mystery Location Google Hangout Did session with Paula Naugle for William Krakower at #edscape
Edchat edchat Moderator What are the specific changes in education that have been driven by the advent & progression of social media in our culture? Since kids may now learn anywhere at anytime, how does this affect the way we teach in classrooms?
Jerry lecture pics final 1to1techat Moderator
Iste13 Google Hangout #4thchat
Edchat edchat Moderator What is the role that students should have in determining the education they should get? What is the best way for technology people to approach professional development of academic subject teachers?
Alabamaskype Skype with MS teachers in Alabama Twitter training session at Brock's Gap Intermediate School, Hoover, Alabama @jrichardson30
Iste13 #4thchat Google Hangout
Jerry lecture pics final #engsschat Moderator Common Core–Tech–Writing My co-moderator @shannonmmiller
Edchat edchat Moderator What is the role that students should have in determining the education they should get? How do the technological tools for learning support Bloom's highest form of learning, creation?
Energykids Writing Presentation Lakeland FL Cleveland Court Elementary School - Grades 4 & 5
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Iste13 #4thchat Google Hangout Global Collaboration Project
Timeline Google Hangout • Harsh Patel Google Hangout
Edchat #edchat Moderator Has the acceptance and use of technology tools for learning taken significant hold in your school? In education overall? If we were to list all the needs for education reform what arguments do we make for our 2 top reforms? What are they & why fix them first?
Iste13 Google Hangout 4thChat
Edchat edchat Moderator What should a report card look like as we move forward in time? How is social media used professionally by you & how do we convey that to educators who see SM as a useless gimmick?
Timeline Skype with Eric Simons Team Claco
Alabamaskype Mystery Skype with 1st & 4th Classes NJ Bacon Elementary School - Millville, NJ
Googlehangout Google Hangout #4thchat Global Project
Edchat edchat Moderator What can administrators do to make faculty meetings a positive experience & a useful contribution to education in a school? How are teachers prepared for teaching with differentiated instruction & is this preparation adequate?
Googlehangout #4thchat Google Hangout Global Collaborators Network Monthly Projects
Jerry lecture pics final #engsschat Moderator Argumentative Writing Common Core – Argumentative Writing.
Co-Moderator @CTuckerEnglish
Edchat edchat Moderator What alternatives should educators be supporting to replace high stakes testing? How should teachers deal with colleagues who are comfortable with 19thC methods & punitive measures for non-compliant students?
Googlehangout Google Hangout Team Claco and Wm Chamberlain
Googlehangout edcampNJ Google Hangout With @wkrakower @dandanscience @cybraryman1 @powell4thgrade @plnaugle
Edcamp NJ 2012 Retrospect « Engaged and Relevant
Iste13 #4thchat Google Hangout
Edchat edchat Moderator What are specific things Administrators can do to support teachers on their staff? Do report cards of conventional design give parents an accurate description of their Child's learning. If not, what would improvement be?
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Edchat edchat Moderator Let's define what a school culture is and discuss its positive and negative effects specific to your school. Teachers often say they need supportive administrators. What are the qualities and actions of a supportive Administrator?
Energykids Writing Presentation - Skype - NJ New Jersey Bill Krakower
Image 36 #TeacherCast Podcast Twitter With Brad Currie discussed Newtown, CT tragedy and then the wonders of Twitter
Edchat #EdChat Moderator Business people & politicians insist on comparing schools to business. Are business strategies applicable in learning environments? Once, the classroom was considered the place for learning. How do we define learning environment today, and how do we best utilize it?
Energykids Writing Presentation - Minnesota Stillwater, Minnesota 5th grade Ms. Mueller
Bam2 BAM Radio - Arming School Staff With Tom Whitby, Angela Maiers, Steven Anderson, Nancy Blair
Expert Guests: Gregory Thomas, Dr. Gary Mathews, Michael Dorn, Dr. Wm. E "Rob" Roberts
Bam2 Call with Erroll St. Clair Smith of BAM Radio Telephone conversation
Errol St. Clair Smith
Edchat EdChat Moderator Consider textbooks in their current form. Are they worth maintaining or is it time to enable tech to change their dynamic? How can we restructure school schedules to better accommodate the ability for students to learn?
Bam2 Rae Pica BAM Radio Telephone conversation with Rae Pica founder of BAM Radio
Edchat EdChat Moderator Special Special #edchat with @John_Merrow #Frontline on Michelle Rhee show
Googlehangout Google+ #GAFE summit in Hawaii Google+ Hangouts session with Linda Lindsay
Googlehangout Google Hangout #4thchat
Edchat EdChat Moderator Should we build time into a busy school schedule for the purpose to allow innovative thinking or pursuit of passion-based learning? Teacher morale & self esteem is viewed by many to be at an all-time low. What are specific ways that we can build them back up?
Jerry lecture pics final Skype with teacher-librarians in Georgia Skype with teacher-librarians in Auburn, Georgia SusanNoland
Bam2 BAM Radio - Motivating the Unmotivated Teen BAM Radio Motivated Unmotivated TeenGuest
Metc METC Podcast Welcoming Podcast for my four presentations
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Googlehangout Google Hangout #4thchat
Edchat #edchat Moderator What specific forms of collaboration do you use, and specifically how does collaboration impact your profession?
(1/2 - Jury Duty) More and more studies are cropping up with a negative slant on homework. Are we holding onto homework because of culture or habit or a belief in it?
Edchat radio BAM Radio #Edchat Show on HW Based on #edchat on Homework Jan 22
with Nancy Blair and Tom Whitby
Googlehangout Google Hangout #4thchat
Timeline Moderator #engsschat Close Reading with @MaryAnnReilly
Edchat edchat Moderator As the paddle gave way to detention is it time for detention to give way to an alternative form of discipline? What would that look like? What are the specific ways educators use to collaborate to advance their professional development?
Timeline #FETC TweetUP Orlando Friday's Steve Anderson, Tom Whitby, Kathy Shrock...
Edchat Edchat Moderator How do we train educators to teach in programs like BYOD and 1:1?
How do we consider time differently to rebuild school schedules and calendars to maximize learning?
Bam2 BAM Radio Teen Driver-Teen Mind SHOW: BAM Radio – Inside the Minds of Teens & Tweens
HOST: Dr. Regina Rei Lamourelle
TOPIC: The Teen Driver: Teen Mind Under Construction.
Date: 2/5, Tuesday@10:00am EST
GUEST: Rob Foss
Googlehangout Google Hangout Digital Learning Day Plus One Initiated by TeacherCast Fun talk
Googlehangout Google Hangout Stockton College Social media/global collaboration class #GEN2108 Stockton College, NJ @kcalderw Also participating @ScottRRocco
Googlehangout #4thchat Google Hangout
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Edchat #edchat Moderator Does Professional Development for educator's in its present form today adequately address teachers' needs and relevancy in education? afternoon chat I was giving METC session
Metc METC Featured Presenter 21st Century Teacher Librarian session
Transforming Your Library session
Metc Featured Presenter Social Media and Technology Presentation-Discussion
The Power of Twitter Presentation-Discussion
Iste Skype Dan Krutka WSU Twitter and SS chat
Image 36 TeacherCast Podcast Connected Educators With Elissa Malespina
Googlehangout Connected Educators Panel - #KnappCamp Google Hangout for Teacher PD
Googlehangout Google Hangout with Bill Krakower
Edchat edchat Moderator If innovation drives us forward, how do we address innovation in our current system of teaching and learning? (Solo from Palm Beach School District Tech Conference) Is creativity the next necessary literacy?
Timeline Palm Beach County Technology Conference Santaluces Community High School
Angela Maiers Kevin Honeycutt Ken Shelton
Jerry lecture pics final Helped moderate #ntchat Report Cards and Grading
Alabamaskype Skype Eric Simons
Googlehangout Google Hangout #4thchat
Timeline Moderator engsschat The Evolving Role of Women in the 21st Century. Women's History
Edchat edchat Moderator Do we need to continue to house students in grades according to the age of the student? What should a well-designed mentoring program for new teachers look like?
Bam2 BAM Radio Mentoring New Teachers Mentoring New Teachers: What's The Best ApproachMentoring New Teachers with Nancy Blair and Lisa Dabbs
Googlehangout Google Hangout Bill Krakower and Scott Rocco
Googlehangout Google Hangout - Read Across America My Read Across America YouTubeRead Across America - Read Across States Blog Post
Googlehangout Google Hangout #4thchat
Bam2 BAM Radio - Stress of Grading Chat with Josh Stumpenhorst
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Edchat #edchat Moderator What are the real decisions left to educators about technology in education?
What are the essential qualities of leadership that teachers look for in specific administrators; Department Chairs, Principals, & Superintendents, et al
Energykids Writing Presentation - Missouri Krissy Venosdale @ktvee Hillsboro, MO
Gail Skype Debate Prep NJ Skyped into Mrs. Butler's class to discuss Pro side of Homework Debate. Mrs. Malespina helped out.
Edchat radio #EdChat Radio Shows Mentor
What should a well-designed mentoring program for new teachers look like? Leadership
What are the essential qualities of leadership that teachers look for in specific administrators; Department Chairs, Principals, & Superintendents, et al.?
Googlehangout Google Hangout NJ With Ms. Sirotiak's class for Postive side of HW Debate prep
Edchat edchat Moderator Two possible directions in education might be content delivery and content creation. Which should be emphasized today? We tell students it's not about the grades it's about the learning and then base all placement and advancement on grades. How do we break the cycle?
Googlehangout The Power of Twitter Chats The Power of Twitter Chats @thomascmurray @Sirotiak02 @bcurrie5 @wkrakower @ScottRRocco @cybraryman1 @Joe_Mazza
Alabamaskype Skype with EdCampHowardWinn HowardWinn Iowa edcamp
Edchat edchat Moderator If formative assessment is designed to gauge the effectiveness of the lesson & the teacher, should we use it in a student's grade? The Flipped Classroom, a trend or a lasting solution? What are specific positives & negatives of Flipped Model?
Edchat edchat Moderator How do we define good Digital Citizenship, & what are specific things teachers can do to support that outcome for students? What are specific creative things administrators can do to make faculty meetings more meaningful to teachers?
Bam2 edchat Radio - Faculty Conferences with Nancy Blair and Tom Murray Can Smackdowns, Food Fests or Flipping Produce Faculty Meetings Teachers Love?
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Edchat edchat Moderator What are the advantages/disadvantages that connected educators have over those educators who choose not to connect?
Why should we consider or resist teacher evaluations being tied to students' standardized test results?
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Edchat edchat Moderator What are the advantages of podcasts as learning and assessmernt tools in education for students and teachers? If creation is the highest form of learning, how do we shift education from content delivery to content creation?
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Edchat #edchat Moderator If students are to have a say in their education, what is it they are to have a say about? Who could enable that to happen? Why the push for technology in education? What does technology enable in education that could not be done without it?
Energykids Writing Presentation Lyndsey Pelusi (@lyndseypelusi) NC 6th grade
Charlotte, North Carolina 2 sixth grade classes
Bam2 BAM Radio Sleeping Students SHOW: BAM! Radio Network - WTEA
HOST: Rae Pica
TOPIC: Sleepy Students: What Is a Teacher to Do?
Dr. James Maas, author of Sleep for Success and latest book, Sleep to Win!
Leading authority and international consultant on sleep and performance and past Professor and Chairman of Psychology at Cornell University. Dr. Mary Sheedy Kurcinka, Ed.D, Director of
Author of Raising Your Spirited Child and Sleepless in America
Joan Young and me.
Timeline #gtchat Guest I was interviewed on #gtchat which was staged at #page13 Pennsylvania Association of Gifted Education in Pittsburgh
Edchat edchat Moderator Do we as educators have a responsibility to share with other educators? Are we collectively better off then we are separately? Is there a growing gap between Connected and Unconnected educators that should concern us as a system of educators?
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Jerry lecture pics final #engsschat Moderator Taking Learning Outside the Classroom
Edchat #edchat Moderator What are the advantages of learning collaboratively as an educator, & how do we carry that over to our students? Any school culture has positives and negatives, what specific elements of your school's culture are keepers & which should be eliminated?
Timeline #ptchat Helped Moderate
Edchat edchat Moderator What is BIG Shift in education that everyone is looking for? Is there one big idea that can positively affect education? If not why? Children are anxious learners in early grades. What are the factors that turn kids off to learning as they get older?
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Alabamaskype Skype Practice - Arkansas Enjoyed my practice session with great educators at St. Paul Elementary/HS in Arkansas @AudraKimball @sabrapro
Edchat #edchat Moderator Parents play a huge role in a child's education. What are the most effective ways to educate and involve parents in the process? Are Social Media and the use of technology in general gaining more acceptance in your district or education in general?
Energykids Writing Presentation Lakeland FL Carlton Palmore Elementary School 2 sessions for 4th grade classes
Energykids Writing Presentation Arkansas Skyped into @AudraKimball 5th grade class. Enjoyed this session with the students in St. Paul, Arkansas Elementary School
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Edchat #edchat Moderator Has the time come to reassess the value of worksheets and homework in a 21st Century learning environment? How would allowing 20% of your week to be used for student directed learning (pursuing their interest) affect your goal in teaching?
Jerry lecture pics final #ntchat Co-Moderator Helped close out #ntchat
Alabamaskype Skype NJ Skyped in along with Shannon Miller to #SOMSlibrary for a parent-student tech night
Edchat edchat Moderator What is an Edcamp and what are the differences that it can make in my professional development? How important is it to teach Critical Thinking and how do we do it?
Alabamaskype Skype Lead Learner Joe Mazza
Energykids Skyped Maine Writing Presentation @aldtucker 7th grade students
Edchat edchat Moderator What percentage of instruction should be delivered through the methods of Direct Instruction & lecture? What should be included in a summer PD program? Anything goes!
Energykids Writing Presentation Walpole, MA Nancy Carroll's wonderful fourth grade class
Energykids Writing Presentation Knapp Elementary School Lansdale, PA 4th grade classes
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Edchat edchat Moderator What is the result of educators not fully understanding the differences between summative & formative assessments? Differentiation; are teachers in your school trained, supported, and equipped to practice it adequately?
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Bam BAM Radio _ R-E-S-P-E-C-T: How Do Teachers Get It? BAM Radio _ R-E-S-P-E-C-T: How Do Teachers Get It?
@BAMRadioNetwork: Can teachers help gain respect for the profession? @DTWillingham @InnovativeEdu @cybraryman1 weigh in!
Timeline Guest Moderator #oklaed PBL and Authentic Learning
Edchat #edchat Moderator What are the specific ways that Blogs play a role in education in any capacity? What could tell your colleagues who claim Twitter to be a frivolous sideshow for mindless interaction & little social impact?
Jerry lecture pics final Skype Brett Baker Test fskype for tomorrow's skype with Librarians
Jerry lecture pics final Skype North Penn Librarians 6/20 Skype Librarians in Pa via Brett Baker
Four R's: Reinvent, Resource, Research, Reinvigorate
Iste13 Hacked Education
Iste13 ISTE13
Iste13 ISTE13
Iste13 ISTE13
Edchat #edchat Moderator Is the idea of integrating curriculum an idea that still has a place in education today? Have you explored or used games for learning? What do you see as the potential benefits or pitfalls of using games for learning?
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Googlehangout #4th Chat Google Hangout
Edchat #edchat Moderator Is it possible for innovation and differentiation to fit into a curriculum stressing standardization? What would a successful model of professional development for educators look like?
Googlehangout Peoplegogy TV: Your One Sentence – YouTube with Jaime Vandergrift
Edchat edchat Moderator With #ISTE13 behind us can we now reflect here on what makes an effective presenter, or keynote, and an overall Education Conference? Has Social Media and connectedness made a difference in Education? If so, how? If not, why not?
Timeline Bing for Schools Lync Meeting @mattwallaert
Googlehangout My #EduVue Interview
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Edchat #EdChat Moderator How well are we preparing our students for what they will need to know after high school? Based on what you now know of Common Core, do you believe it will promote innovation and creative thinking, or stifle them?
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Edchat EdChat Moderator If connectedness is so important to education, why haven't a majority of educators connected? How do we connect them? With Common Core ready to go into place, should we now push for Standards Based Grading. Is SBG the way to go for everyone?
Edchat edchat Moderator What is the real purpose of student assessment and can it be done without number or letter grades? Who are your education leaders/influencers & how do they affect you most in specific areas of your thinking & procedures in Education?
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Googlehangout Google Hangout #4thchat Learned new GHO backgrounds
Edchat #edchat Moderator If teachers are hesitant to leave their comfort zones to learn, how effective is Professional Development in a school system if it is determined by teachers? Are programs like 1:1 Laptops, iPads, Chromebooks & BYOD having a positive effect on education?
Ccjab edcampCapeCod Opening address.
Edchat EdChat Moderator If we could support ONE idea that would have the most positive effect on education. what would that be? With the new school year about to begin, what are the specific things that you will be doing differently this year?
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Edchat edchat Moderator If teachers controlled what their PD looked like, what are specifics of how it would be different from what is offered now? If we all benefit from collaborative learning, what can we do specifically to promote collaboration in/outside of school buildings
Edchat edchat Moderator Kids know how they best respond to their learning. How do we involve their voice in education conversation? How should today's classroom look & what changes can we make in our classrooms to make them better for learning?
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Edchat edchat Moderator How do teachers deal with administrators whose Education philosophy calls for a 20th Century model of teaching & compliance? What changes could be made to the school calendar & daily schedule that would significantly improve learning?
Jerry lecture pics final Moderator #satchatoc Guest Moderator - Assessing Your Leadership Style
Jerry lecture pics final Moderator #satchat Guest Moderator - Assessing Your Leadership Style
Jerry lecture pics final Moderator #satchatwc Guest Moderator - Assessing Your Leadership Style
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Image 36 TeacherCast #sschat Joined teachercast TV
Edchat edchat Moderator School culture has a great effect on the approach to learning in a school and/or district. What specifically can we do to promote a positive culture? October is Connected Educator Month, #CEM. What are some specific suggestions to get more of our colleagues to connect?
Jerry lecture pics final Podcast - Jeffrey Alstadt
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Googlehangout Google Hangout #4thchat Worked on ISTE14 proposal with Paula and Bill
Edchat edchat Moderator What lists of things could we devise that would be helpful in getting more educators connected & connected educators better? With so much research now pointing to the lack of a positive effect of homework on learning, why do so many educators still give it?
Bam BAM Radio #ptchat BAM Radio #ptchat Balancing Academics & Leisure in the Lives of our Kids
with Joe Mazza, Dana Sirotiak
Citrus3 edcampCitrus Sessions:
Twitter 101 with Jerry Swiatek
Tech Tools with Carlos Fernandez and Stephen Velez
Timeline edcampCitrus Sessions Twitter 101 with Jerry Swand Ed Tech Tools
Googlehangout Google Hangout Kyle Adam Kyle Calderwood
Adam Taylor
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Googlehangout Supt Eitner and staff Website Google Hangout with Superintendent Jay Eitner and his staff
Superintendent of the Lower Alloways Creek School District, New Jersey
Edchat edchat Moderator Fun is a very big positive in learning. What should we do as Teachers to promote it in lessons and as Administrators to promote it school wide? Acknowledging that computers will not replace teachers, what are the influences and effects that technology has (or will have) on teaching?
Googlehangout Google Hangout #4thchat
Edchat edchat Moderator What part should reflection play in the life of an educator and in what ways could it manifest itself? What are some positive changes that can be made to department and faculty meetings to give them a more positive influence on the school culture?
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Edchat edchat Moderator When it comes to observations of teachers, what should be acceptable and what should be off limits? Edcamps have been growing in popularity over the last few years. Why are they receiving support over traditional Professional Development?
Googlehangout Google Hangout with M Seideman & staff With @dankrutka Showing teachers Google Hangout and Google Docs.
Googlehangout Google Hangout South Orange MS South Orange Middle School Ms. Butler's class.
Answered questions on homework
Mrs. Malespina arranged the Google Hangout
Googlehangout Google Hangout #4thchat Global Project
Edchat edchat Moderator What changes can we expect in education as blended learning begins to be adopted more by institutions of learning? As a teacher, if the choice was yours, would you take your school 1:1 laptops, BYOD or little or no districtwide Tech?
Edchat radio BAM Radio - BYOD 1:1 BAM Radio Show: Acknowledging that computers will not replace teachers, what are the influences & effects that tech will have on teaching? @blairteach Moderator and @edguy199 and me Ed Chat Radio Our Tech, Your Tech, No Tech: What Teachers Want in Classrooms
Gaetc13 Featured Presenter #GaETC Georgia Educational Technology Conference - Atlanta
Edchat #edchat Moderator enroute to #gaetc13
How effective are substitute teachers in providing effective lessons for learning?In what ways could this substitute system be reformed? How do we shift lessons from teacher-centric to student - centric and should this be a priority in education?
Gaetc13 Featured Presenter #gaETC13 All Hands on DECK (Detecting, Evaulating, Curating Knowledge) and Literacy from Every Angle
Gaetc13 Featured Presenter #gaETC13 Eureka: Research Skills and Connected Educators Rule the World
Gaetc13 Featured Presenter #gaETC13 Your Lifeline to Learning – Building a Great (Professional) Learning Network
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Edchat #edchat Moderator What are your specific strategies for developing a Personalized Learning Network of Sources for your personal and professional learning? What explanation/reasons would you offer for half of all new teachers dropping out of the profession in the first five years of service?
Energykids Skype Writing Project - Iowa Mr. Nidey 3rd grade class Iowa @mrnidey
Googlehangout Google Hangout #4thchat
Edchat edchat Moderator Does the prevailing Professional Development in the education system meet the needs for educators to be Digitally Literate & Relevant? Is there still a fear of technology among educators that prevents them from collaboration through technological connectedness?
Bam2 Vicki Davis BAM! Radio Show Interviewed me
Timeline Interview by Grad PHD candidate #edchat Graduate Student
Instructional Technology Ph.D. Program
University of Tennessee
Edchat edchat Moderator What is Authentic Learning and what role should it play in today's education? What are the possibilities open to education if we used mastery instead of age to advance students in the system?
Edchat edchat Moderator How can educators use less seat time for students as a result of blended learning to their advantage? If Admins are lead educators, where and when do they get to display their skills as an educator. Should they be required to do so? #edchat
Timeline eduTalkRadio Show THE CONNECTED EDUCATOR : WHITBY & BLUMGARTEN at #eduTalkRadio
Googlehangout Google Hangout #4thchat Bill and I
Edchat edchat Moderator If all educators will be required to teach digital literacy, what do all educators need to know in order to be digitally literate? As a connected educator, what are the specific differences you have noted between the connected and unconnected educators?
Timeline Moderator #mdeschat Moderated Maryland Elementary School Chat
Iste2014badge Google Hangout ISTE14 Connecting Your Students to Collaborate With the World
ID: 87333497
Code BM307
Billy and Paula
Iste2014badge Google Hangout ISTE14 Billy and Paula
Timeline McKeel History Day Judge McKeel Academy of Technology - Lakeland, FL
Judged websites
Edchat edchat Moderator If students are to have a greater voice in deciding their learning,how do we work that into a system that has not yet accepted that idea? How do we assess whether Inclusion programs have been successful, or just ongoing placeholders?
Googlehangout Google Hangout #4thchat Billy and Jessica B
Edchat edchat Moderator What are the specific changes in your education philosophy that have taken place since you have become a teacher? How has the use of Technology been accepted and used by your colleagues? What are the differences between adopters and laggards?
Jerry lecture pics final Edu-All-Stars – Episode 30 Edu-All-Stars – Episode 30: Jerry Blumengarten (CybraryMan) | Edu All-Stars
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Edchat EdChat Moderator Does being a parent make a difference in being an educator? What are those differences? In what ways do you find thought leadership for your profession? Where do you turn for the influential education ideas?
Iste2014badge #4thchat Google Hangout Billy and Paula
Iste2014badge Google Hangout #4thchat
Edchat edchat Moderator What are the pluses and minuses of Powerpoint presentations? What are the alternatives? What are specific ways in which we can make education more student centric?
Edchat edchat Moderator With less than a third of our population completing college with degrees, should college continue to be main goal of Education? What is Authentic Learning and what role should it play in today's education? #edchat
Timeline FETC Tweetup
Bam2 BAM Radio EdChat Keys to Authentic Learning In a Climate of Standardized Tests
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Timeline tcea Texas Computer Ed Conf.
Edchat edchat Moderator What would be the effect of building collaboration and reflection time into your work schedule?
Timeline tcea Texas Computer Ed Conf. Addressed Library SIG
Timeline tcea Texas Computer Ed Conf.
Timeline Tuskegee Airmen Accompanied McKeel Academy of Technology (Mr. Dennis Dill) to see Tuskegee Airmen presentation at Fantasy of Flight
Googlehangout #4thchat Google Hangout
Edchat edchat Moderator If Innovation is a goal of education, and that is promoted through higher order thinking skills, why do we focus so much on worksheets? How do we change a teacher's view of Tech as a distraction from learning, to that of an attraction to be a gateway to learning?
Timeline Skype Practice Call Helped Kyle Caldewood test his skype connection
Googlehangout Olympic Quiz GHO Sochi Olympic quiz with classes of @wkrakower (NJ) @ncarroll24 (MA) @JennRegruth (IN) @plnaugle classes (La)
Googlehangout Google Hangout #4thchat
Edchat edchat Moderator Has the flipped model been tried by you or a colleague. What has the result been? If kids learn at different rates, why do we house them by age? What are better alternatives?
Timeline Palm Beach County Technology Conference Santaluces HS
Angela Maiers, Will Richardson, Joyce Valenza
Timeline McKeel Academy Student – Teacher Chat
Googlehangout Google Hangout #4thchat
Edchat edchat Moderator If grades are an indication of potential wouldn't portfolios be a proof of potential? Should we not adopt portfolios over grades? Are the ideas & contributions of connected educators making a difference in education or is it an echo chamber of a like-minded minority?
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Googlehangout Google Hangout #4thchat
Edchat #edchat Moderator What purpose should blogs have in the life of an educator? What are the most effective changes in education that educators should file behind to affect a paradigm shift in education?
Googlehangout Read Across America Google Hangout Read Aloud @plnaugle (New Orleans, LA) @JennRegruth (Indiana)@ncarroll24 (Massachusetts) @wkrakower (New Jersey) with gust reader @cybraryman1 #4thchat I read The Cat in the Hat Comes Back
Cybraryman Skype with Tech Assistants NPED North Penn School District. Introduction to Twitter session.
Timeline Google Hangout #4thchat
Timeline Class Dojo GHO
Edchat edchat Moderator With the C.E.O. of Success Academy, Eva Moskowitz earning $475,000 a year are the interests of her Charters focused on kids or profit? Will Project based, and problem based learning, gameification, or authentic learning ever make gains on Lecture and Direct Instruction?
Edchat radio #edchat BAM Radio Show Will Project based, and problem based learning, gameification, or authentic learning ever make gains on Lecture and Direct Instruction?
with Starr Sackstein and Nancy Blair (moderator)
Googlehangout GHO #macul Conference Kim Powell session on Google Hangouts at 2014 Michigan Association of Computer Users in Learning Conference in Grand Rapids, MI.
Googlehangout Google Hangout #4thchat
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Edchat #edchat Moderator Are Educational Conferences effective? How can they be more effective? If collaboration is such an important component to learning,what can districts do to promote and support collaboration amongst educators?.
Googlehangout Google Hangout #4thchat
Googlehangout Google Hangout #4thchat
Googlehangout Google Hangout #4thchat
Edchat EdChat Moderator Why are not teachers the primary reason for low test score performance as politicians and edu reformers would have the public believe? If a poll was to be taken about the effects of technology integration in education, would all teachers be the best candidates to take it?
Googlehangout #CELI14 GHO Mystery Location Call Google Hangout into Billy Krakower's Mystery Location Call session at Connected Educator Long Island conference in Farmingdale, LI Paula Naugle also came into GHO
Googlehangout Google Hangout #4thchat
Googlehangout Google Hangout Billy Krakower
Edchat edchat Moderator In what specific ways, if any, does your school exhibit a need for the education reform we hear so much about? If Professional Development is such an important part of educators being relevant and effective, how are schools doing their best in delivering it?
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Googlehangout Google Hangout Brad Currie Stakeholders
Edchat edchat moderator How have writing or reading blogs affected your teaching & how has it affected your students’ learning? Where are thoughtful discussions of pedagogy & methodology to change the educational system taking place? How do educators effectively participate?
Googlehangout GHO #4thchat
Googlehangout #edtechchat GHO 1st anniversary I was invited to join the moderators
Edchat edchat MOderator With all of the collaboration through connectedness leading to ideas for educational change, how do we implement action plans through connectedness? What are the main reasons educators resist connected collaboration and how do we overcome & break down the resistance?
Timeline Skype with edweb Practice for my webinar
Googlehangout Google Hangout #4thchat
Edchat edchat Moderator In what specific ways have you grown as an educator as a result of your being connected through social media? How do we change the idea of compliance and control being a significant part of learning as we continue through the 21st Century
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Googlehangout GHO Billy Paula ISTE14
Edchat edchat Moderator How is technology causing classroom management to evolve? What does critical thinking really mean? What does it look like? How is is fostered in the classroom?
Timeline #edweb Webinar Evaluating and Curating Information
Googlehangout GHO #4thchat
Edchat edchat Moderator If it's necessary for schools to have systemic plans to integrate tech into education, how best can teachers be brought into the plan? What must districts do to meet the professional development needs of Teachers & Administrators?
Edchat edchat Moderator How has technology specifically affected your teaching either positively or negatively? What are the advantages for administrators to participate in professional development workshops with their staff?
Timeline Skype USC Rossier Stephanie Echeveste about #edchat Twitter chats
Googlehangout GHO ISTE14 Mystery Location
Edchat edchat Moderator 6/3/2014 - 7PM - What can we do as teachers to foster parent engagement?
6/3/2014 - 1800CET - Based on your own personal connected experience, how can we offer a program of connected learning to students?
Googlehangout ISTE 14 GHO Mystery Location
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