My Life

Timeline created by Lucario_EX
  • Birth

    I was born with a full head of hair!
  • First time to Phillipines

    First time to Phillipines
    This was my first time going to the Phillipines and meeting my relatives. I was really young so i didnt really remember much
  • Bear my first dog

    Bear my first dog
    when i was little i had this big Australian shepherd amed Bear. he was the best dog i little kid like me can ask for. he always tolerated me and he would play with me all the time. when we were about to go to Egypt we had to give him away to someone else because he was too big for the house and we couldnt bring him to Egypt. we gave him to a farmer so he could run around in the open field.
  • Xbox and being a gamer

    Xbox and being a gamer
    Xbox My first time seeing and playing a console and me turning into a gamer. my first few games i played was Conflict: Desert Storm, Spongebob, Nascar, and Star Wars: Republic Commando. my Xbox. I also had a Gameboy Advanced SP with Pokemon Ruby to play on as well as a PSP with Star Wars: Battlefront 2. These consoles will be the only things i play in Egypt until we left in 2009
  • Egypt for the first time

    Egypt for the first time
    I flew into Egypt and lived there for 5 years. We lived in a military base called Abu Hammad. When i was 5 we moved to an apartment near a International Private School called Cairo American College (CAC) and started school there in 1st grade. The Security Gaurds working at the apartment and near the school were really friendly towards me. I was pretty Devastated and sad when we had to leave Egypt for good.
  • second time to Phillipines

    second time to Phillipines
    This was my second time going to the phillipines to meet my relatives. we did a lot of stuff and it was fun. but it was humid and hot!
  • 1st Grade and 1st time at CAC

    1st Grade and 1st time at CAC
    CAC I went to school at Cairo American College (CAC). It was a HUGE pre-12 school with separate bulidings for each grade. I had this really strict teacher called Ms. Trumpold. i didnt like her because she was really mean. The School had a clever way of organizing everyone, the organizd you by grade number and first initial of last name (i.e Ms. Trompold was 1T). i met my really good friends Shin and Yu Geom (all of us having an Asian family).
  • My First Halloween parade

    My First Halloween parade
    The School would always put a Halloween Parade before or during Halloween. we would all dress up in our costumes and walk around the track while others watch on and wait for their classes turn to go. i remebered getting lost in the parade and trying to find my class. i was so lost!! i soon found and rejoined them without anyone noticing.
  • 2nd Grade CAC

    2nd Grade CAC
    i was a delinquent in 2nd Grade. i was in Mrs. Green's class (2G). I remeber having a science fair in 2nd grade and my experiment failing. i had a friend named Anwar and his grandfather used to be the President of Egypt! his grandfather won some noble prizes i believe aswell
  • Visiting Thailand

    Visiting Thailand
    We went to Thailand for Winter Break. i dont remember much but my dad almost falling asleep while driving. we also rode on elephants!!
  • Visiting Italy

    Visiting Italy
    We went to Rome, Italy for Winter Break. we saw a bunch of historic stuff mainly during the ancient days when rome was a powerful empire.
  • Mellow and Maxi

    i got my dog and cat Mellow and Maxi from my parents friends. tey told us that since they have triplets the dont want the pet's fur to make them sick. i still have my two pets today and i still love them.
  • Visiting Greece

    Visiting Greece
    We went to Greece for Winter Break. we celevrated the New Years there. i also have a drawing of me from there.
  • 4th Grade CAC

    I would only be in CAC for 1 semester since i would be coming back to Arizona before Winter break ended
  • Coming Home

    Coming Home
    Came back to Arizona after being in Egypt for 5 years. i didnt want to leave Egypt because i liked it a lot and i didnt want to make new friends
  • Resuming 4th Grade in AZ

    I went to Playa Del Rey Elementary and i felt like a foreigner being my first time in a public school. i had a mean and strict teacher called Ms. Mahan. i felt so alone because i didnt know anything and everything just looks so different. the way they did things in Playa was totally different than CAC