My life

Timeline created by Calderon.tay99
  • Born

    Taylor was born in Scottsdale AZ at 6:45 am
  • First Christmas

    First Christmas
    Taylors first christmas
  • First birthday

    First birthday
    Taylor's first birthday
  • Baby Brother

    Baby Brother
    Taylors baby brother was born
  • Baby sister

    Baby sister
    Taylors baby sister was born
  • disney land

    disney land
    Taylor and family go to disney land
  • Gymnastics

    taylor starts gmnastics
  • End Gymnastics

    End Gymnastics
    Taylor quits gymnastics and starts competitive cheer
  • Cheer

    taylor starts cheerleading
  • Puppy

    Taylor and family get puppy for christmas!
  • Firtst day of Highschool

    Firtst day of Highschool
    Taylors first day of Highschool
  • Florida

    Taylor goes to Orlando Florida at Walt Disney World to compete for the biggest national compeptition, The Summit.
  • Florida...Again1

    A year later Taylor gets to compete not once but TWICE! at the largest competition in the U.S.
  • New school

    New school
    taylor goes to a new school
  • Permit!

    Taylor gets her permit