My Brother Sam Is Dead

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Battle%20of%20lexington The Battle of Lexington and Concord The Battle of Lexington and Concord has occured. This is the first battle of the Revolutionary War.
Taverrrrn Sam Meeker Comes Home Sam Meeker comes home from his college studies, to tell his family that he wants to enlist in the Revolutionary War.
Father son Sam and Father Highly Disagree with Each Other Sam and Father highly disagree with each other about Sam joining the war.
Brown bess short land Sam Runs of to Fight, Taking Father's Brown Bess with him. After the argument with Father, Sam runs of to fight with the war and he took Father's Brown Bess musket with him.
Co Continental Officers come to the Meeker Tavern In Search of the Brown Bess Several months after Sam has taken the Brown Bess, the Continental Officers come to the Meeker Tavern in search of the Brown Bess. Father doesn't know where it is, because Sam has taken it off to war.
Letterrr Tim Decides to go Behind His Father's Back, and Deliver a Letter for Mr. Heron. Several months pass, and after Father declines Tim permission to deliver a 'business letter' for Mr. Heron, Tim decides to do it anyway. Sam's girlfriend Betsy Read tackles him, saying that it is a spy report on Sam.
York Father and Tim Take a Trip to Verplancks Point, and Get Stopped by Cowboys. Several months later, in the winter, Tim and Father take a trip up to Verplancks Point, New York, to see their cousins. On their way back, Father gets taken by the cow-boys, who Tim outsmarts to save himself.
Doi The Declaration of Independence is Signed! The Declaration of Independence is signed, stating that the original 13 states are now no longer apart of the British empire.
Father Father is Dead Mother and Tim have recieved the news that Father has died from disease on the British boat that he is being held on.
Cattle Sam is Accused of Cattletheif Sam is accused of Cattletheif, when in fact it wasn't him who is guilty. He is arrested
Execution Sam is Dead After being tried, Sam was accused guilty and was publicly shot. He was shot at so close a distance that his clothes even caught on fire at first.
Timeline The Treaty of Paris was Signed The Treaty of Paris was signed, and the Revoltionary War is now over.