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Elvis presley Elvis Presley
Johnny%20cash Johnny Cash
Timeline Musical Trends The Rock ‘n’ Roll craze became popular due to teen culture changing, as a part of the baby boomer generation. Many teenagers felt that rock music made them feel more cool. Rock music also contributed to the rebellion years, in which many teenagers wanted to rebel against mainstream culture.
Timeline Youth Culture Rock ‘n’ Roll was mainly used to target young people at the time (first time mainstream music was targeted at a young audience). Many teenage boys starting playing guitars and many girls were attracted to boys who acted like greasers.
There were many teenagers during this era as after the second world war, many soldiers missed their loved ones and wanted to have a family, therefore as these babies grew older their teenage years was within the 1950's.
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Roy%20orbison Roy Orbison
Beatles The Beatles
Hippies Sub Culture - Hippies
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Timeline Younger Generation
Ej Elton John
Jb James Brown
Skinheads Sub Culture - Skinheads Originated among working class youths in the UK. Named for their close-cropped or shaven heads, the first skinheads were greatly influenced by West Indian rude boys and British mods, in terms of fashion, music and lifestyle.
Originally, the skinhead subculture was primarily based on those elements, not politics or race. Since then, however, attitudes toward race and politics have become factors by which some skinheads align themselves to.
Timeline Singer/Songwriters During this decade singer/songwriters started to form and instantly became popular due to their authenticity. Audiences seemed to like their music as the artist could now connect with the audience as they were the ones writing and performing the songs. It gave the lyrics meaning which the audience could relate to.
Mj Michael Jackson
Timeline Musical Trends
Mtv Television MTV was launched in the United States in 1981, which had a huge impact on the music industry as it had major part in the Second British Invasion of the US charts.
As audiences were now able to watch a performance by their favourite artists, it meant that artists would have to sell their songs. Arguably the most famous music video in the 1980's was Michael Jackson's 'Thriller'.
Cd The CD The CD officially launched in the UK and was considered “The most important development in the recorded music industry since the long playing record."
In 1988, CD sales finally higher than vinyl.
Duranduran Sub Genre - New Romantic Movement Duran Duran the biggest New Romantic band. It was a youth fashion and music movement in the United Kingdom (1979 and 1984 — peaking around 1981), where it devloped in London nightclubs and spread to other major cities in the UK such as Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham.
Mullet Fashion Significant hairstyle trends of the 1980s included the Perm, the Mullet, the Jheri curl, the Flattop, the Hi-top fade and Big hair.
Clothing trends of the 1980s included Jean jackets, Leather pants, Aviator jackets, Miniskirts, Leggings and Leg warmers.
Sg2 Spice Girls They were a British pop girl band formed in 1994. They released their debut single, "Wannabe" in 1996, which hit number-one in more than 30 countries and helped establish the group as a "global phenomenon".
Their debut album, Spice, sold more thold more than 23 million copies worldwide, becoming the best-selling album by a female group in music history. They have sold over 75 million records worldwide, making them the best-selling female group of all time.
Dre Dr Dre
Eminem Eminem
Dz Grime - Sub Genre of Garage music
Xfactor Pop Music and Reality TV
Timeline File Sharing File Sharing is the practice of distributing or providing access to digitally stored information. This caused huge controversy within the music industry and music was downloaded illegally from the internet.
Audiences would benefit as they wouldn't have to pay and will save money, however they can get arrested.
Institutions can also benefit as their songs will be promoted across the world throught the internet, however they gain less revenue. This being the main reason of the controversy.
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