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Timeline Sedition Act The Sedition Act made it illegal to publishing of any false, scadelous or malicious writing against the government.
James clerk maxwell Maxwell theorizes the existence of electromagnetic waves MaxwellMaxwell's theory of the existanve of electromagnetic waves has been called the "second great unification in physics", The first was Isaac Newton's.Maxwell found that electric and magnetic fields travel in waves, and at the constant speed of light.
Lightbulb Edison invents electric light EdisonThomas Edison invented the system to have electricity light entire buildings. The first large scale test of his work sent electricity to light 25 buildings.
Sparktx Marconi across the Atlantic morseHe sent the first tradio ransmission over the Atlantic, he disproved theories that said because of the curvature of the earth signals could not go further than 200 miles. He sent morse code, the letter "s"
Indi%20500 Indi 500 The first Indianapolis 500 race was this day in 1911. Ray Harrounat won.
Titanic Sinking of the Titanic TitanicThe Titanic was a passenger liner and one of the largers ships in the water at the time. She hit and iceburg during her first vogage across the ocean killing over 1,500 people. This disaster lead to the requirment of radios on all ships and that that must be on at all times.
Radio First FM radio Station radioIn 1937 the first FM radio station was established, the radio station did not go on air until 1930. The station was a Yankee Network.
War%20of%20the%20worlds War of the Worlds Radio Broadcast War of the WorldsThis braodcast was based on the book War of the Worlds. It was done in a news bullet fasion without commercial breaks. The manner that this story was broadcast lead some listeners to believe that there was an actual alien invsion in progress.
Dday D-Day American, British, and Canadian troops landed on the beaches of Normandy during WWII. This was the invasion of Westen Europe with the allied troops.
Girl with baby m Korean Way The Korean war wasn between the Republic of Korean and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. This was when the relationship between war reporters and the military began to disintegrate.
Oscaraward2 The Academy Awards OscarsThe first televison broadcast of the Oscars was in 1953. It was in black and white. Today the Oscars are viewed by more that a billion people.
9 11 9/11 Attacks TwinIn 2001, the Twin Towers were hit in a terrorist attack. The United States came together. There were thousands of people who were injured or killed. There are many conspicacy theories that believe that the attacks were staged and that they towers would not have fallen if it weren't for explosions.
250px skype Skype Skype was started in 2003, it has been owned by Microsoft since 2011. It is an online way for users to chat with other users via instant messaging, voice snf video chatting.
Myspace Creation of MySpace MyspaceMyspace is a social media network website, in the past few years it has had a steady decline of users. At one time it was the most visited social networking website. But in 2008, it was surpassed by Facebook.
Facebook Creation of Facebook FacebookFacebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg and fellow Harvard Students. This website is one of the most used social networking websites. People use it for all different things, keeoing intouch with friends, stalking exs and portentail love interests, getting information about events and much much more.
Twitter Creation on Twitter TwitterTwitter was created in March 2006, and launched in June. It is a social networking website that is used to keep followers updated on what is going on and what you are doing. People can follow the favorite celebrities, sports teams, and friends.
220px iphone 4s no shadow Iphone Release The first Iphone was announced by Steve Jobs in January. The Iphone has the ablility to have over 500,000 apps.
Pres Presidential debates In 2007, that was the first year that the presidential debates were put on youtube for viewers to watch.
220px steve jobs with the apple ipad no logo %28cropped%29 Ipad Lauch The first Ipads went on sale in 2010.
Leondar%20pitts Leonard Pitts at Linfield Leondard Pitts visited Linfield College to talk with mass communication students about his career and field of work.
Vietnam war protest Vietnam War The Vietnam War was mostly fought with guerrilla tactics. My grandfather was in the Airforce during this war, he flew cargo planes with supplies.
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Writing in China The invention of wood and ceramic block printing in China.
Jan 1st, 0800

Jan 1st, 0900
Writing in Japan The invention of wood and ceramic block printing in Japan.
Jan 1st, 0900

Jan 1st, 1000
Writing in Korea The invention of wood and ceramic block printing in China Korea.

Korean War MacArthurThis war was the last war that was primarily reported on by print media. The gerneral was Dougals MacArthur, he was opposed to censorship of the media but this only lead to increased strain in ealtionship between the press and the military.