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Most Important Events In My Life

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Timeline small square The Day I Was Born. This was the day I started my journey to make a name for myself and become someone I will be very proud of one day. see link
Prom small square Senior Prom. This is a picture of me with my girlfriend at the time eating at Ruby Tuesday's see link
Timeline small square On this day I graduated from Dudley High School. I was excited to move on to college and meet new faces. see link
Timeline small square Day I Started College here at A&T. I had chosen JOMC to be my major. see link
25225 1314345270678 1592088220 30776731 6783234 n small square My First MoHawk. I wanted to try a new look to see how different I would look with both long and short hair. see link
Me small square My First Job as a Lifeguard at the Hayes Taylor YMCA. This job took a lot of training and faith to acquire the skills needed for this job. see link
Homecoming small square This is a picture of me with my cousin on October, 13th, which was A&T's homecoming. This picture was taken right before we partied the night away. see link
Christmas small square This is a picture of me with my sister and dad on the Christmas of 2010. My favorite part of this day was watching snow cover the ground. see link
Lifeguard small square My Second Job working at Wet' N Wild Emerald Pointe as a lifeguard. My previous job traing for the YMCA really came in handy for this training. see link