Mobile phones

Timeline created by Radiohead99
  • First phone call made

    First phone call made
    The first mobile telephone call made from a car occurred in St. Louis, Missouri,
    USA on June 17, 1946, using the Bell System's Mobile Telephone Service
  • first mobile phone

    first mobile phone
    The Mobile Telephone was invented by Bell Laboratories in 1946
  • first mobile phone call

    first mobile phone call
    The First ever phone call made on a mobile phone was made on 3rd april, 1973
  • First cellular network

    First cellular network
    the first cellular network for mobile phones was created in 1979.
  • nokia's first phone.

    nokia's first phone.
    Nokia first made their first ever phone in 1982
  • first mobile phone call made

    first mobile phone call made
    this was when the first phone call was made on a cellular phone
  • first second generation phone

    first second generation phone
    this was the first 2nd generation phone made in 1990
  • introduction of texting

    introduction of texting
    in 1993, the idea of texting first comes into the world.
  • sms first created.

    sms first created.
    After the idea of it, it was created in 1993
  • first commercial text sent

    first commercial text sent
  • cell Phone Fashion

    cell Phone Fashion
    people using cell phones as a fashion item first started in 1996
  • first phone with bluetooth.

    first phone with bluetooth.
    In 1998, the technology of bluetooth was first introduced to the world of mobile phones.
  • first blackberry

    first blackberry
    in 1999, the first ever blackberry, the blackberry kickstart was first released.
  • the first smartphone

    the first smartphone
    this was when the first smartphone was released.
  • first 3g phone

    first 3g phone
    this was when the first ever phone with 3g technology was released.
  • first camera phone

    first camera phone
    in 2002, the first ever cell phone with a built in camera was brought out.
  • music on cell phones.

    music on cell phones.
    having music on your phone was first released in september,2005
  • iphone original

    iphone original
    on 7th july, 2007, the original iphone was first released.
  • the future

    the future
    what technology will be on phones next? we'll have to wait and see!