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McDonald's Menu throughout the years

Timeline created by alexia severson
Event Date: Event Title: Event Description:
1948 2 McDonald's opens http://youtu.be/GxXDD_7lgYw
1961 1 French fry taste perfected
1963 2 Filet-O-Fish added to menu
1967 4 The Big Mac is introduced
1972 1 LARGE fries available
1973 3 The Quarter Pounder
1974 1 McDonald's Cookies
1975 2 Egg McMuffin breakfast item
1977 2 Toys in Happy Meals
Mcrib The McRib is introduced
Chicken%20nuggets Chicken Nuggets
Mcdlt McD.L.T
Salads McDonald's goes helathy with fresh salads
Mclean McLean Deluxe introduced
Mcdonalds%20apple%20pie Baked apple pie
Arch%20deluxe The Arch Deluxe
Mcfurry McFlurry Desert
Yogurt Fruit and Yogurt Parfait introduced
Salad%20shakers McDonald's Shakers
Big%20n%20tasty The Big n' Tasty
Mcdonalds dollar The DOLLAR menu
Mcdonalds salad New line of specialty salads added