Marilyn Monroe timeline

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Timeline Birth Marilyn Monroe was born as Norma Jeane Mortenson at LA General Hospital.
Timeline Insituion Marilyn Mother Gladys Baker (nee Monroe) taken into an insitution.
Timeline orphanage Marilyn enters an orphanage in Los Angeles as orphan number 3463
Timeline freedom Norma Jeane leaves the orphanage to live with Grace McKee
Timeline moves Goes to live with "aunt" Ana Lower
Timeline finally married Marries Jim Dougherty
Timeline work Marilyn work at the Radio Plane Munitions Factory
Timeline Interview First interview at 20th Century Fox with Ben Lyon
Timeline modeling Marilyn applies to Blue Book Modeling Agency
Timeline First Contract First studio contract with Fox, Norma Jeane changed her name to Marilyn Monroe (Marilyn was after actress Marilyn Miller and Monroe was her mothers maiden name)
Timeline RCA Signed recording contract with RCA
Timeline Marilyn Productions Marilyn and Milton Greene hold press conference announcing the creation of Marilyn Monroe productions
Timeline Last Day Alive Marilyn's last day alive includes a 6hr session with Greenson
Timeline Police! Police called to Marilyn's home. Official day of death. Autopsy performed
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Marilyn Monroe This is a timespan of Marilyn Monroe