Marian Anderson

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Mababy Marian Anderson Born Marian Anderson born into a working class family in South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Tombstone 1 tns Marian's Father Dies Marian continues singing in her church choir.
Uewb 01 img0029 Marian Begins Voice Lessons Started voice lessons with saprano Mary Saunders Anderson, which introduced her to public concerts. Between 1916-1918 studided under contralto Agnes Reifsnyder. Began solo proformances in 1917 and in 1919 she studied with Oscar Sanger at the Chicago Conservatory of Music.
Izttd00z Carneie Hall Debut Furthered career.
Ande mar4 Marian Continues On her Education and Voice Lessons Recent graduate from South Philadelphia Highschool for Girls (1921) and also continues her private voice lessons with Giuseppe Boghetti.
Marian%20anderson%2005 Enters Voice Competition, Starts Her Career Entered a New York Philharmonic voice competition with over 300 competitors where she won first prize.
Eleanor anderson Toured Europe and Sang for Roosevelts Reputation was more established in Europe. Not well known in the US. Sang for president Roosevelt. First African American invited to sing at the White House.
Limo marian anderson 1939 usia Sang at Lincoln Memorial Easter Sunday Concert at the Lincoln Memorial, attended by 75,000 people; Millions more listened to the radio broadcast of this event.
Farewell2 Made Debut at Metropolitan Opera in New York First African American to perform in at Metropolitan.
Marianfront Made Delegate of the United Nations Formalized role of goodwill ambassador. This picture is of a statue in Marians honor, located in Spartanburg, SC.
George silk marian anderson singing at president john f kennedys inauguration Sang at John F. Kennedy'd presidential Inauguration Later in 1963 Marian recieved the Presidential Medal of Freedom from John F. Kennedy.
Marian anderson   doi 1943 Retired From Singing extended farewell world tour (from 1964-1965)
Thumbnailcaw0gkul Began Recieving Awards for her Acheivments. Won the United Nations Peace Prize. Gala concert at Carnegie Hall marking her 75th birthday; received New York City's Handel Medallion.
1978 - Honored for lifetime achievement by the Kennedy Center
1984 - Received the Eleanor Roosevelt Human Rights Award.
1986 - Husband Orpheus Fisher dies; Awarded National Medal of Arts from the National Endowment for the Arts
1991- Grammy for Lifetime Achievemnet
Tombstone 1 tns Marian Anderson Death Dies at the age of 96 in Portland, Oregon.
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