Maori Education in New Zealand

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Timeline Missionaries set out to "civilise" Maoris using the Bible
Timeline Treaty of Waitangi
Timeline Missionaries set up Boarding schools over next 20 years
Timeline Maori language banned from schools for the next 40 years
Timeline Native Schools Act offered state Maori schools to communities
Timeline Taha Maori introduced into a range of schools
Timeline Shift towards bi-culturalism starts
Timeline First Te Kohanga Reo opened in Wellington
Timeline Hoani Waititi Marae Kohanga Reo set up a primary school
Timeline Six Kuru Kaupapa schools established
Timeline 10 point plan for Maori education removed barriers to achievement
Timeline NZ Curriculum Framework and Te Whare Wananga establisheed
Timeline Total immersion concepts,Te Reo Maori, Pangarau & Putaiao introduced
Timeline Maori educational strategy
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Major events in education