Maori Education in New Zealand

Timeline created by redders
  • Missionaries set out to "civilise" Maoris using the Bible

  • Treaty of Waitangi

  • Missionaries set up Boarding schools over next 20 years

  • Maori language banned from schools for the next 40 years

  • Native Schools Act offered state Maori schools to communities

  • Taha Maori introduced into a range of schools

  • Shift towards bi-culturalism starts

  • First Te Kohanga Reo opened in Wellington

  • Hoani Waititi Marae Kohanga Reo set up a primary school

  • Six Kuru Kaupapa schools established

  • 10 point plan for Maori education removed barriers to achievement

  • NZ Curriculum Framework and Te Whare Wananga establisheed

  • Total immersion concepts,Te Reo Maori, Pangarau & Putaiao introduced

  • Maori educational strategy

  • Period: to

    Major events in education