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Major Historical Events In The 19th Century

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Trainintro small square Railroads Used to expand empires; prominent in U.S., Europe (especially England), and Africa. INDUSTRIALISM, NATIONALISM, COLONIALISM, TRADE
Irish%20immigrants small square Migrations Migrations from Euorope to North/ South America. "Better life". 1800-1920. NATIONALISM
Normannia steamship small square Steamships Steamships expanded territories, faster travel, travel across Pacific. 1800s. COLONIALISM, INDUSTRIALISM, TRADE
Hawaje noredline small square Hawaii Hawaii began to have contact with europeans like the russians, french and british. In 1875 they singed a treaty with america that would see them become part of the US. NATIONALISM, COLONIALISM, TRADE
Flag of new zealand small square Wars of New Zealand The british wanted to colonize New Zealand, the natives didn't want them too. Guess who won? Correct, The Brits. COLONIALISM
Battle of veracruz small square Mexican American War Mexico and America fought over territories in the South-West. US won a lot of land. COLONIALISM, NATIONALISM
British east india company small square British In India British control of India, 1700s/ 1800s, East India Company, British influences. COLONIALISM
Australia discoveries by europeans before 1813 en small square Australian Penal Colonies The Brtish sent approximatley 165,000 prisoners to this newly discovered continent because its about the least hospitable place ever. COLONIALISM
Ottoman flag alternative 2 small square Ottoman Empire Decline Ottoman Empire declines in power and loses control over many territories. NATIIONALISM,
Perryphoto small square Commodore Matthew Perry Forced Japan to trade/ industrialize. Americans more advanced; gunboat diplomacy. 1853. INDUSTRIALISM, TRADE
Williamwalker small square William Walker Colonized many parts of latin america. Ruled Nicaragua until overthrown. INDUSTIALISM, REVOLUTION
Russo french skirmish during crimean war small square Crimean War Excessively blood conflict involvin almost every major european power participating. Ottomans win but everyone loses many men. NATIONALISM
First opium war09da0eacd2f3df652ee2 small square Opium Wars Opium Wars, 1840s and 1860, British deal opium, China destroyed it. British win wars. TRADE, NATIONALISM, COLONIALISM
Meiji small square Meiji Restoration Meiji Restoration, 1868, emperor back in power, responses to imperialism. NATIONALISM, REVOLUTIONS
Suezcanal eo small square Suez Canal Completed Canal built between Mediterranean and the Red Sea by the French. INDUSTRIALISM, COLONIALISM, TRADE
Biscuit box wall small square Anglo-Zulu War Anglo-Zulu War, Jan.-Jul. 1879. Zulus vs. British, Zulus lacking; British challenged. COLONIALISM, NATIONALISM
1582 small square The Boer War Boer Wars, 1880-81 and 1899-1902. War between native Boers and British. South Africa. COLONIALISM
Afrikakonferenz small square Berlin Conference All major european colonizers split up all of west africa amongst themselves. Pay no attention to africans
Indochina1886x1 small square French Indochina French colonized Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos. In 1887, became a federation. COLONIALISM, NATIONALISM
Inside 201011 ethiopia small square Ethiopia Free state in Africa, beat Italians but they won later. 1896 NATIONALISM
Cigar box 4 cuban independence 1902 small square Cuban Independence Cuba fought spain for its independence for the third time. They allied with America and won. REVOLUTION, NATIONALISM, COLONIALISM
Flag of canada small square Canadian Independence Canada passed a bill which made it a dominion of Britain, giving it more freedom. It would not be fully independent for some time. NATIONALISM, COLONIALISM
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