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Major Events of the 1950s

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Event Date: Event Title: Event Description:
01f50033cbb9a69d9d2b62d3c7166da3 1m small square President Truman approves Hydrogen bomb construction
Organ transplant 20110418 085820 small square First organ transplant (kidney) *not exact date, sometime in early 1950
60e1 small square Postwar Baby Boom begins as birthrate rises dramatically *not exact date, continues throughout decade
G426009 small square Korean War starts
Imagescam42zn3 small square Rock and Roll Begins *not exact date
C333b3c321d8f23feb87f1f9e6120749 1m small square Transcontinental and Colour Tv introduced *not exact date
George6 small square King George VI died
Immigrants us citizen test small square Immigration and Naturalization Act
Stalindm2109 468x551 small square Joseph Stalin dies *dies from a massive heart attack
The science of dna small square DNA discovered *not exact date
Imagesca3mgn3z small square Queen Elizabeth's Coronation
Ussnautilus hirez small square First Atomic Submarine Launched
220px zwei zigaretten small square Report released that says cigarettes cause cancer
Birthcontrol small square Birth Control Pill Trials begin *not exact date, continuous event
Acm0113 small square Racial segregation ruled unconstitional in public schools *not exact date in june
Nato small square Warsaw Pact signed
4133 large small square Winston Churchill re-elected Prime Minister of Great Britain
300px bruce crandall's uh 1d small square Vietnam War begins ends 1975
300px sputnik asm small square Soviet satelittle 'Sputnik' launched launches "Space Age"
Missile small square NORAD Radarr Systam Located close to North Pole to detect missile attack from Soviets on North America.
Us small square Alaska becmes a part of the U.S.A.
Antarctica small square Antartic Treaty International Treaty makes Antartica a scientific preserve