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Ray charles Ray Robinson (Ray Charles) was born Ray Robinson who will eventually become known as Ray Charles was born on september 23 1930 in Albany Georgia
Timeline ray charles brother died in 1935 ray's brother died in 1935 by accidentally drowning in a washtub. ray watched helplessly as his four year old brother drowned
Timeline Ray charles went blind when he was seven by the time he was seven years old Ray charles went completlly blind due to glaucoma. which is a serious condition where there is a sometimes extreme buildup of pressure in the eye
Timeline named #1 male singer in international jazz critics pole in the 16th international jazz critics pole ray charles was named the #1 male singer
Timeline recieves NAACP image award in 1983 ray charles recieved the NAACP image award of 1983
Timeline recieved kennedy honors center award1986 ray charles recieved the kennedy center honors award
Timeline ray charles was inducted into the rock n' roll hall of fame in 1986 ray charles was inducted into the rock n' roll hall of fame
Timeline ray charles recieves the a lifetime achievement award Ray Charles recieves the lifetime achievment award for 1987
Timeline ray charles recied the national medal of arts in 1993 ray charles recieves the 1993 medal of arts award
Timeline Ray Charles recieves the lifetime achievement award ray charles receieved the lifetime achievement award for 1994
Ray  charles Ray Charles Died Ray charles died on june 10 2004
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ray charles life

was a recording artist from 1956-2004