Leon Trotsky

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Timeline Lev Davidovich Bronstein born in Bereslavka Lev Davidovich Bronstein borned in Bereslavka, Ukraine, in a Jewish family.
Timeline He scapes from Siberia and goes to London The Czar of Russia banish he to Siberia, but he scapes to London and there, he met Lenin and join he.
Timeline Turn to Russia for makes a revolution He turn to Russia in 1905 and participate in the revolution, but it was a fail.
Timeline He scapes from Siberia again After revolution, he turn to be imprisoned in Siberia, but he scapes again in 1906
Timeline Turn to Russia for a new revolution With the new revolution of Bolsheviks, Trotsky came to Russia
Timeline Stalin makes Trotsky have to go out of Rusia
Timeline Stalin make the assassination of Trotsky