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Leon Trotsky

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Leon trotsky lev davidovich bronstein child 1888 Birth Leon Trotsky is born in Russia.
Trotsky social%20democracy Social Democrats At age 17, Trotsky becomes interested in Marxism and joins the Social Democrats.
Old handcuffs 06%20%281%29 Jail Time! At age 19, Leon is arrested for helping organize a worker's union.
Cell aylesbury prison buckinghamshire 1900 4168551 Prison and Exile Trotsky is imprisoned in Siberia for two years and then sentenced exile for four years because of doing illegal underground work for the Democrats.
Vladimir lenin 93596456100 Escape and Lenin When in Siberia, Trotsky escapes and meets Lenin, a supporter of the Democrats, in England.
484px social democratic party of finland logo Second Congress of the Social Democratic Labor Party Leon joins the Second Congress of the Social Democratic Labor Party.
Lenin trotsky Siding With Lenin The Second Congress of the Social Democratic Labor Party splits and Leon sides with Lenin.
Image026 St. Petersburg Soviet Trosky returns to Russia, his homeland, from England and is elected chairman of the St .Petersburg Soviet.
Images%20%281%29 Socialist Revolution Because Leon was active in the revolution he is sent back to Siberia for life...in exile. There, Trotsky writes a pemanent Socialist Revolution, explaining that a revolution in Russia would be followed by many similar revolutions, but in different countries. That would later be an important goal in the Communist party.
Images Escape When Trotsky is in exile for participating in the 1905 revolution he escapes, again.
Images%20%282%29 Military Commitee October 1907, Leon becomes the chairman of the Revolutionary Military Commitee.
Images%20%283%29 Lenin Hiding July 1917, Lenin goes into hiding
Redarmy7xj Red Army Trotsky recruits and trains five million troops, Red Guards, and is victorious over the Whites in Russia's Civil War.
800px communist party of vietnam flag GET OUT! Trotsky's political career in the Communist Party is followed by getting kicked out.
Images%20%284%29 Exile After being kicked out of the Communist Party he is sent into exile...again.
Images%20%285%29 Deportation Trotsky and his family are deported from Russia and eventually settle down in Mexico.
The death of leon trotsky Death At age 61, Leon Trotsky is brutally murdered in his Mexican home by Stalin's assasins.
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