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king Tut

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May 6th, 1323
Date of birth The date King Tut was born
1.1271366067.valley of he kings king tut s tomb and mumm
Nov 17th, 1324
King Tut is buried in the Valley of the Kings
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Nov 17th, 1325
King Tuts Death Tutankhamun died in the year of 1325BC at the age of 18/19. He reigned for just 9 years and the cause of his death still remains a mystery
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Nov 17th, 1325
King tut restored Temples 1325 BC
Various building work was commissioned during this period including the restoration of some temple properties at Karnak and Thebes
Nov 17th, 1325
king tut First children The marriage of Tutankhamun and Ankhesenpaaten produced two daughters who were stillborn.
Nov 17th, 1330
king tut and Royal family relocated King Tutankhamun, Queen Ankhesenpaaten and the royal court, moved back to the old capital at Thebes, the center of worship of the Ancient Egyptian god Amun and the power base of the Amun priests.
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Sep 11th, 1331
King tut changeed his name
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Nov 12th, 1331
King tut became king They declared him pharoah
King tut coffin 515648 sw year King Tut was Discovered King Tuts body was opened to the public eye
20110217 king tut artifact 33 King tut's treasures are send to the museum
081217 king tut hmed.grid 6x2 King tut is examined
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King Tutankhamun