Keeley Vaught 8th amendment

Timeline created by anorthrup
  • Eniglish bill of rights

    No exact date but this is where the eighth amendment came from. James Madison, considered a founding father, Almost copied the 8th amenment word by word off of this document.
  • Judicial system estabilshed

    No exact date
  • voting for 8th amendment

  • 8th amendment was ratified

    9/12 states agreed on this date
  • New York allows use of newly nvented electric chair

    exact date unknown yea is known though
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  • Frances vs. Resweber

    Frances, convicted of murder, was ruled to be killed. Govener of state, Georgia, took it to the supreme court.
  • Robinson vs. California

    exact date not known but year is 1962
    Robison was arrested for needle marks and discolration of his arms. He was examined and was found out that he had been injecting himself with unsterilized hypodermic needles. That is breaking a law of California
  • 628 inmates had been exicuted

    i don't know the exact date but i do know the year.
  • Death penalty is constitional

    No exact date
  • States about the 8th amendment

    Supreme court states eighth amenment only used in criminal cases no exact date
  • Bail reform act

    no exact date year is correct
  • Harmelin vs. Michigan

    Harmelin, convicted of possesing 672 grams of cocaine, sentenced to life prison without possible parole. He claimed it unconstituinal and was presented with parole
  • Roper vs. Simmons

    Simmons hog-tied neighbor girl and threw her of a bridge at age 17. His death penalty is unconstitutional and violates the 8th amendment